Encountering Non-fanfiction Writers

Whenever I tell someone I write fanfiction people are either extremely confused like, "What's that?" or they ask me what fandom I write for. I usually get more of the former than the latter reaction. I don't mind explaining to people. It's actually pretty fun to tell people about the joys of writing fanfiction. There are times when I encounter people who tell me that writing fanfiction is a waste of time. I actually enjoy talking to these people because I like arguing with them. The point I usually make is that as a writer it doesn't matter that I will never make a profit from my fanfiction because of copyright laws. The point of writing isn't to make a profit. Not if you love it. The point of writing is to express yourself.

During my junior year in college I did a project about fanfiction for class. It was for my creative writing class. It was the funnest project I have ever done during my undergraduate career. I ended up leading a discussion for fifteen minutes or so about fanfiction. I talked about ships, shipping wars and everything else that has to do with fandoms.
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It's good to meet a fellow writer and I feel the same way. I write Fanfiction because I love to write, it's a way to express myself in a healthy way. I however don't talk to a lot of people about it because I've gotten a lot of crap from people saying "It's a waste of time because theirs nothing to be gained out of it." <br />
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I scoff when people say that because as an amateur writer I can honestly say that Fanfiction.net has helped me become a better writer and has even inspired me to write my own novel. A Phantom of the Opera Novel to be exact. So again, it's good to meet a fellow writer. <br />
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