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Encountering Non-fanfiction Writers

Whenever I tell someone I write fanfiction people are either extremely confused like, "What's that?" or they ask me what fandom I write for. I usually get more of the former than the latter reaction. I don't mind explaining to people. It's actually pretty fun to tell people about the joys of writing fanfiction. There are times when I encounter people who tell me that writing fanfiction is a waste of time. I actually enjoy talking to these people because I like arguing with them. The point I usually make is that as a writer it doesn't matter that I will never make a profit from my fanfiction because of copyright laws. The point of writing isn't to make a profit. Not if you love it. The point of writing is to express yourself.

During my junior year in college I did a project about fanfiction for class. It was for my creative writing class. It was the funnest project I have ever done during my undergraduate career. I ended up leading a discussion for fifteen minutes or so about fanfiction. I talked about ships, shipping wars and everything else that has to do with fandoms.
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I love to write and read fanfiction. My boyfriend thinks its dumb, but he doesn't keep me from what I love to do. I sometimes wish he like the things I write about because I often find myself wanting someones opinion on a story i am writing like if I have an idea of where I want to go, but no idea how to get the story there. It would be nice to have someone who likes what you like so that you can bounce ideas back and forth.

He really tries to help sometimes, but I have to figure out how to explain the idea without using any details (character names or if there are pieces from the movie/show/etc that I am using) its hard because it takes me longer to explain it to him than to say something like "i want to get these two people together, but in the movie they hate each other. How should I approach this?"

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It's good to meet a fellow writer and I feel the same way. I write Fanfiction because I love to write, it's a way to express myself in a healthy way. I however don't talk to a lot of people about it because I've gotten a lot of crap from people saying "It's a waste of time because theirs nothing to be gained out of it." <br />
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I scoff when people say that because as an amateur writer I can honestly say that has helped me become a better writer and has even inspired me to write my own novel. A Phantom of the Opera Novel to be exact. So again, it's good to meet a fellow writer. <br />
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