I am a daydreamer. In school lessons, when walking in the street, during transport, I let my mind drift off into a world of fictional characters and places that only exist within the movies and books and make up lots of different situations. Drama usually.

It's fun and you can really learn from this characters. You're like their pychologist. You know how they might react or handle a situation such as yourself.

I'm not telling what I write and not fond of sharing my stories online because I still need practice - critical comments get me down. I'm not a natural writer, only a young woman with an imaginative mind. I write them down so I don't forget. And I can't stop writing. I have around twenty fully written stories kept to myself : ) is awesome
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I'm not sure what Fan Fiction actually is but I've always been writing and drawing stories,simply because I've accepted that perhaps 'Reality' is a hoax!.....what do I mean by that? Perhaps all the peole we meet,even our family and friends,are all figments of our imagination,the strength and power of the human mind to project and build real live people,so the 'Dream-state' you speak of,could be the reality that others refer to.....and the reality as we are told is simply the 'Big Dream'.
Otherwise,where do all the stories and characters come from,where do they reside before being brought into the light of words and films,why do we use the word fiction when most of the things we invent actually come true years later? Leonardo DaVinci drew a helicopter centuries ago and people couldn't grasp his line.......but what he saw was a glimpse of what we humans were capable of doing.
So take a look at the people around you and just for one moment consider them all to be creations of your imagination,you'll see them all as if for the very first time,and it's brilliant!

Only yesterday I saw a handicapped women feed herself with and artificial robotic arm,all controlled by her mind!!!
Your imagination is oxygen for your mind,keep those taps open,provoke even wilder things and you'll look down and discover that your feet are no longer touching the're flying!

I was already very high as a young boy,way before having a drink or smoking anything......and I loved it!

Interesting insight =D you're right about that.. and what really is normal? Nothing is. I've been interested in solipsism which is a name for our minds that creates our world. If it is true, it would be great if we could control our lives. But it's just on paper which we can. Better than nothing :P

Well I've discovered the name for I believe is the true reality,'Solipsism',I'll look into it deeper thanks to you!
Ever thought of someone and minutes after they call you? Well I can tell you that you can think of many things and they become reality,coax and coach your mind and many things will change in your life!
Write down ten things that you want,(Now!),not 'What I'd like',but what you a month from now,two or three of those things will come true!......but don't write down reasonable things,they have to be your wildest 'Being the life and soul of a party,a popular girl as you confidently strut down the street'.....and you'll be so surprised!

Thanks for the new word,'Solipsism'.


You're welcome :D Though believers in solipsism think that there is just one mind, one person that's creating everything..I don't believe it that cos that's rather egoist! I'm sure that all our minds exist that's creating, not just one.
I try writing down what I want then; hope it'll work! There's so many things I want
I can't quite remember if I thought of someone and they call me.. But i've had a few dreams which came true the very next day which was creepy. And a few times my dreams would tell me the exact time before I wake up. Sometimes I sense what will happen or can guess things right.
Are you able to create the life you want then? That's so cool. I don't know why mine has to suck, haha

I'm not too sure if I truly believe that there's only one mind,and that's my own,more like there's one mind that we all contribute to in different ways....but that my contribution towards reality is unique,therefore I can draw whatever I wish.An example is that if you have a photo of lots of money,put it on your desktop and look at it for a few minutes everyday,no need to dream or anything,but gradually money will come your way.If you want a boyfriend to come back,then place his photo near you and glance at it from time to time,you'll be surprised that one day you'll bump into him unexpectedly....!
Which in a nutshell means,you can trigger thoughts that will seep into your unconscious mind,from there your brain will do the rest....just like sportsmen and women that visualize the winners cup,they can see their victories before starting out......So if you allow negative thoughts to contaminate your vision,then you get negative things happening,even the slightest doubt can seep into your mind and mess things up,no matter what the effort to succeed you do.
Finally I use a form of visualization before going to sleep,walk through a sunlit meadow,or on a beach,carry on thinking of these images as you nod off to sleep......this way your dreams will begin with something positive and seep into your unconscious day you'll live the same image and remember it,like a 'Deja Vue'......and you'll stop and think,"Where did I see that before?"
Your dreams that tell you things before you awake are partly from your path of power,I believe that you have power that you're not using,and that you've made your list of 'Ten Things I Want' is great!'ll see!
And there's nothing wrong with being an egoist,people around you that say you shouldn't be an egoist ARE egoists already!! Haha!

Many things I'm doing in my life I've already seen,even a few weeks ago I was in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia,and I met people I'd already seen before,but it was the first time I'd met them in my life!!! I knew them,knew how they thought and where they were from.....could be that I was inventing them as I went along,like milliseconds in advance on everything.
The life I live is I don't race around looking for more money as 95% of people do,I enjoy every minute that I'm alive,kind of 'Hippyish' way to look at things but,even with a few coins in my pocket,I don't burn with the superficial desire to obtain more or consume more....I don't drive a car because when I did,all my efforts were towards that car,paying for this,paying for I zapped the car and hail a taxi,rent one,or have my friends visit me instead of being stranded in the middle of the night with a dead motor and no cover for my cell......oooh! spooky eh? I have little in the bank,and NO CREDIT to pay,again,less to worry about.

If you look at your life closely,it doesn't suck at all,it's the pair of glasses that you're wearing that suck,'Change the way you look at life and your life will suddenly change in the way you see it'.
You may see the sky to be green,so take off your yellow sunglasses and you'll discover that the sky is blue!!!
Get out of the back seat of that car you call your life,get into the driving seat,take the wheel and drive girl,drive! Don't have to go fast,no need to smoke the tyres,just drive that car yourself,turn right when you want to,turn left when you feel like it.....STOP looking in the rearview mirror all the time...pick up friends,hitch-hikers,if someone wants to get out...okay fine....! (Okay I said I didn't have a car,but I do drive one in my head!).

So Lavien.......ready?

its great that you have this view about life. Many people wouldn't dare to believe in solipsism or anything out of the ordinary.. that's probably why most don't experience strange things happening. What about fairies, trolls, mermaids? They must have been seen once .. I think when people have hallucinations, a barrier has been broken and things seem different from what they actually are. They can actually feel, and see a solid form of something else. I hallucinated a monster twice in my life when I woke up from a nights sleep! That was freaky.. There's also sleep paralysis which many people experience where you see things, hear things- I've had that too.
So..I've made the list, what do I do with it? Do I look at it often and really want it? Thanks:)
I've had a day where I thought positively and I found the world was sort of new again like the way children see it. When people are drained with all their work, they seem to forget they are even living in this fantastic world
It's really interesting that you've seen those people before in malaysia. Could it mean you lived there in past life?
Thankyou for your words:)

Well we certainly seemed to have some kind of synchronization as I thought what's Lavien up to?.....and here you are!
The important thing to realize is that what we see around us,whether it be in the form of reality or fictive thought that manifests itself into reality,it's still part of our individual can feel the wind on your face,but only see the leaves on a tree moving,therefore you believe it to be the wind.You can feel love and all the emotions that come with it,but you can't see love in it's pure state,but we believe in it.
Experiences are many in our lives,and the fair hand of that wonderful fairy godmother that is placed on all our hearts,I call,TIME.Any visions that you may have are part of you,if you've experienced sleep paralysis,then I can assure you that I have too,even as a child! I have had outer body astral experiences where I've watched my own body sleeping as I've wondered around the room.....But I wasn't scared,it was amazing! I sometimes feel things around me,see creations before they're even made,hear melodies before they're sung.....all this is what I call being in a space called freedom,freedom to choose which element you wish to keep or let by.
Don't be there's nothing to be afraid of,only fear itself is truly fearful,go beyond the fear and you'll see that the monster is quite kind,often lonely,it may be trying to befriend you,and suddenly you'll see that they are not monsters at all,but merely reflections of our inner selves.....yes I know,but it's just the way you look at things that inevitably changes the world around us.

Your list will be you guide,and when one or a few things become true,you might not even notice it,only when you look back at the list will you realize that you've already done or obtain one of those things.....magic!

As for meeting people that I already know....I think that it's about love,sounds corny and odd but all the people I meet in my life,without exception,are all angels,they all come with a message....therefore I too have a message.And I don't speak of angels in a biblical sense.

I think you have a deep creativity that you may need to look into,you write and think,perhaps you could draw or paint too.....try to keep all your doors open,all the time,don't lock any,sometimes it's needed to unhinge the door completely and prop it up against the wall,feel the warm breeze of your inner creativity,share it and above all....accept it,you see!

Interesting:) So what about objects? They are from our imagination also?
I've never experience out of body. Maybe I would be scared in case I wouldn't be able to return to it..
I do have deep creativity:) how did you suppose? I write sometimes, do video edits, photography. And in painting I usually have a vision to paint from. Do you do art?

Oh and have you seen Open Your Eyes? it's my top favorite movie and is about a guy who chooses to be frozen to be able to control his life in a dream

What a coincidence! I work as an Art Director in TV,I draw storyboards and roughs for events etc.I've done some quite erotic drawings for other EP members too....not sure if you're into or here for erotic content,(that's why I haven't requested your add,as reading your stories you don't seem to be into all that),you know what older men like me think about all day and everyday!...haha!

I also sing....did a song this afternoon,a funky dance tune that'll need a video making soon.......which I'll storyboard if the composer likes it.

I'll look up the film in a minute,sounds interesting!

Amazing!:) I'd love to work as an art director. any known stuff you worked on?
Nah, I'm not into erotic stuff, haha. The way I was raised ..
I sing too :) good luck on your song and storyboard:)
There's also a remake of the film called Vanilla sky - but it's not as good. The original is more artistic and has a dark tone. I edited a music video to it once:)

You can be in Art Direction already if you have a flare for what is good visually,it's more of a logic than a skill....things fall into place if you can rally up ideas from others and channel them into one form of thought. You're already the Art Director of your life!
I know you sing,just read your story....great news!

Well if I have to admit,it's not erotic at all what I've put in my pictures,it's explicit! you certainly won't be interested,lucky you! I replace my creative energy through sexually explicit thoughts,so when I'm drawing or creating concepts I don't think about anything sexual....but if ever I'm bored,then the thoughts come flooding in.....quite fun actually.

I worked for years with Disney Channel on an interactive show for teenagers,that was in France,then went onto do other TV shows and special events.I'll find you a link for a video clip I did for a French artist.....give me 5 mins.

I think I would be able to manage with ideas and logic. Just somehow have to lead towards it.. where I live there's no creative places
hmm..okay :D I don't think about anything in particular. I just have a second voice talking to me which is so annoying. I paint/draw mostly people. My last one was a scream statue with ivy growing on it.. they are dark
What about when you're singing. Do you think while singing? Feel energy when singing? Just curious

Here's a video done this summer,nothing fancy,no special effects other than the paper plane.Everything was storyboarded before the shoot.
Hope you like it; It's all in French so you'll have to find someone to translate for you!.....okay I'll try: It's a story about a guy that doesn't want to be part of the adult world anymore,but he has a rdv with his daughter in the film,she sends him the paper plane to remind him that he's late,so he runs after the paper plane as he sings about daily hassles like bills and's a very innocent tune,not naked girls or drugs,fast cars and arial shots....there's even my old bike in one shot if you look!!!

That's a magnificent video, very well done! I love films which has a rather unique idea. and yeah, no nakedness and fast cars! That's just a cheap way of bringing in the audience, haha
Funny thing is, I enjoy listening to french music - even though I don't understand a word of it.
oh, and nice bike:P

Thanks,I was part of a team though,so all the credit can't go just to me....but I like compliments!
Maybe you were French in another life,get over here and have a look around,you'd love it!
My bikes called 'Belinda',bought her after a 'Love at First sight' way back in 1984!.....I know,I know,you were probably not born yet!!!

When I sing,I se images,I even surround myself with pictures and sing about them....or I turn off all the lights and put the headphones on,then sing whatever comes into my's my 'Inner Voice' speaking back to me,yes I too have a second voice that speaks to me,but I make it sing!!!....the energy is one that makes me whole,complete,really good feeling.

Hey, the world didn't end :P

Maybe I was french in another life..I had a realistic dream where I was in france but i've never been yet. I think I used to be someone from the 40's in past life as I've always been rather sophisticated :P You?
That's interesting, what you put in when you're singing. I would have to try that:)

Well it wouldn't surprise me if you were from another era,from Europe and French,a sophisticated young woman that could stroll through any man's mind and leave petals as souvenirs......tell me about your dream,the surroundings,the colours.....and I'll find you the place.

I see,I sing,I smile......and I dance!

As for the world you know the meaning of the words 'HYPE','FAKE' and 'HOAX'....they are so desperate that they can sell us anything,even the end has been sold before we've got to it.....imagine going to see a film and all that's in the film is the 'End Credits',"Hey I just bought 'The End" you'd exclaim! Not even the time to munch your popcorn and it was all over! So we all got ripped off.....even the 'End' was a disappointment...pffft!

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