Back From The Dead

I was busy with school work and between all the assigned reading and essays the last thing I wanted to do was work on my K-on! fanfic because I was just too mentally exhausted to even remember what I was writing about. So one day I was looking over what I had written and I realized that I had two chapters I had wrote, but forgot to post. I don't write short chapters either these were like 12,000 words each so it was a big screw up on my part. So I posted the chapters. The next day I had four comments. All these people freaking out because I had updated for the first time in like four months.

And one guy said he was starting to wonder if I had died. He actually told me he was wondering if I was in a car accident and dead.

So remember y'all if you don't update for a while people and suddenly do people will think you've returned from the dead.
PineyCreek PineyCreek
22-25, M
Mar 6, 2012