The Rewards Of Fanfiction

I began writing fanfiction about 1 1/2 years ago, as an outlet for my insanity, I needed a distraction from all the craziness in my life.

I had been reading on the site for some time and began to correspond with another member on the site. She was very instrumental in urging me to write.

So I did, started with a couple of short stories, what is called a one-shot. they were well received and so I began to write more, finally deciding to write a full multi-chapter full length story. It eventually went 75 chapters, averaging 5000 words per chapter.

What was the most satisfying for me was the reviews and comments I received from military personnel serving in the gulf region, (Iraq and Afghanistan), that said how much they looked forward to seeing I had posted an update after they had come back from patrol.

How can that not effect someone, to know that what you are writing is helping a soldier so far from home cope with the stress and boredom being so far from home. I tell you what, it made me want to update as fast as I could possibly do so.

I have people all around the world that follow my stories and I have made some great friends by writing. Unfortunately my friend and mentor passed away a year ago May 26th, missing out on reading the last chapter of the story, in which her husband had won a bit part, being mentioned in character what he does in real life. He's and EMT and his character had a similar role to play.

Believing that she had helped me so much, I now encourage and mentor so others, letting them find out just how rewarding writing can be.

For those who are so inclined, I write on under the name of Epeefencer.

I write Harry Potter stories focusing on Harry and Ginny.
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May 19, 2012