Welcome To Penisland, Chapter 1. (adult Content)

Melody deeply sighed, looking at her mothers 19th century portrait unamused, adjusting her calve to slouch lazily over the other leg, her slender hands lied criss-crossed over her knee. Nothing in life was exciting, everything she used to love doing, the joy had leaked away. She had no hobby, no entertainment. Achieving laughter was now an impossibility. A simple smile itself was rarer than finding money in a 3rd world country.

The sun glare was bright for peripheral vision, too bright to ignore. Seeing the pure, patent sea in the distance and the clean, beautiful sandy beach that she closely neighbored but never bothered setting foot on, it gave her a bright idea.

"Mom, going for a walk!" Her mother easily captured the echo of her younger daughter's voice down the corridor. About 3 months ago, Melody turned 17, whilst her older sister Gabriella just turned 24 in June last month. Slipping on her sandals at the doorway, she open the door to feel a slight breeze blowing gently on her face/

"Alright, be back soon for supper!" Her mother's elderly voice chimed in just before the door was manually locked.

"Wow, this is so.. beautiful." She was stunned at the scenery. A plank bridge hovered over the small river bed while big towers of rocks were washed by the waves. Curiosity getting the best of her, she marched over to the bridge, he feet sunk shallow in the sand. Her hand held the trunk of a thin tree when she read a warning sigh:


Shrugging, she betrayed the warning, walking along the unsteady planks tightly gripping the fine rope. Squinting, her eyes only made out two tall pillars on either side of her, making a perfect meter width pathway. The air was much warmer, denser.

Running her nails along the rock, a smooth object came in contact. Turning around to check what it was, her hands slowly slid down the organ. She stood still, touching and investigating the long object, it seemed strange to her. Giggling, an unclean thought entered her mind; it looked like a fully erect penis!

It was black, all of it, not a speck of any other color, even the faint veins had been ebony like the rest. Upon closer inspection, she realized her theory was right. It didn't just look like a penis. It didn't just feel like a penis. It was a penis! an actual real life penis!

Standing back astonished, she decided now was the time to leave, or more, escape. Hastily she desperately reached for the rope when a man roughly dragged her backwards. She let out a bloodcurdling screech, violently reacting to his hold. But no matter how hard she tried, he had her caught in his arms. He had a pale face and straight white hair, terrifying deep blue eyes and tanned skin, having features that accentuated the mystery in his physique. Melody could feel his musky breath against her trembling neck, he was an inch away from her flesh. Her eyes widen as a hand covered her lips.

"Where do you think you're going young lady? you do know you entered the Penisland borders, which is considered trespassing? clearly, you must have ignored the 2 signs my dear, this crime should never go unpunished, nor should any crime for that matter. You are now forced to follow me and accept your punishment since you have broken the code." Her mind was speeding so fast she couldn't think straight; the idea she was to be punished frightened her, by a man she didn't even know!

She stared, mortified of what was to come. Between the thick bushes and tall trees, a board of timber was stabled with built in handcuffs and.. toys on the corner, drilled in sockets to hold them. Her heart sank further than humanly possible. She was going to be punished here!?

"Now, since you know you are in trouble, I want you to repeat after me: Dear Lomak..say it."
"Dear Lomak."
"I am sorry for breaking the law."
"I am sorry for breaking the law."
"And accept my punishment of being sexually tortured until the criminal debt is payed."


Hope you like my strange mind
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Dec 3, 2012