Its My Anti-drug

I am always thinking and imagining.... it was only a matter of time before I started dumping my creative mental escapades onto paper(or into Microsoft Word lol)

I have written countless stories for Transformers( one of my top two favorite things to write!), four for Assassin's Creed Brotherhood (the other of y top two things to write), one for Iron Man (Yay Tony Stark!) quite a few for Halo, like three for Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, and one for Bleach (ew, I know lol)

I am on as RenoXanders. I have only posted a few stories thus far, but plan on posting more in the near future. If you have any interest in perhaps reading anything I have not yet posted please feel free to ask and I would me more than overly excited to get you hooked up!
AnotherPrettyRedhead AnotherPrettyRedhead
22-25, F
Jan 13, 2013