I Write A LOT Of Fanfiction.

It's actually how I got my start in writing :). I loved Harry Potter but always wanted to add to Severus Snape's story. I still write fanfiction now, but it's more of a lax hobby since I have become busy with other things. I like to think I have gotten much better at it since I started in about seventh grade. And I have even expanded to different topics I enjoy writing about. So far I have written or am writing fanfiction for Assassin's Creed III, Harry Potter, Iron Man, Inglorious Bastards, Twilight, House MD, and Naruto.

I always have new projects I want to start, but I try and keep it under raps as I am not the best at finishing many fanfictions. The one I am currently working the most at is my Iron Man fanfiction. It's turning out really great and I have gotten a lot of positive reviews for it. I have abandoned a lof of the one's that I started in middle school, mostly because I am embarrassed to read them and see how horrible my grammar had been during that time period.

I don't really stick to the author/script writer's original plot though...which is part of the reason these stories take so long to finish. I get bored easily if I choose to follow another author's plot...I'm writing the fanfiction to make the story different...not to re-write the same ending :).
EvelynRoseMarks EvelynRoseMarks
22-25, F
Feb 15, 2013