“Raindrops” [gaaraxoc] *sorry If This Sucks!*

Sabaku no Gaara looked out over the dusty streets of Sunakagure, the village he'd sworn to protect. Gaara's disguarded gourd was a few feet from him, still full of sand. It had been a year since his death, and revival, but the insomnia still remained. Gaara still feared falling alseep, Shukaku comming to take over his body and demolishing his precious village."Gaara?" The Kazekage's body tensed as he felt someone sit beside him. He didn't have to look at them to know who the soft and gentle voice belonged too. Lei had come to the Village Hidden in Sand from the Village Hidden in Rain, Amegakure. Gaara immediatly found her a place to stay in Suna. She's been attatched to him ever since."What is it Lei?" He asked, his voice less harsh than normal. She clutched an old teddy bear that Gaara had given her. He glanced down, smiling to himself at his old childhood friend."Why can't you sleep Gaara?" She asked, looking up at him with her pale blue eyes. Gaara glanced away, back over the rooftops."That's nothing for you to be worrying about, Lei." He said his voice cold. Lei looked away, and down at the teddy bear."Im sorry for asking, Kazekage." She said as she got up, and began her walk back to her home. Gaara felt a pang of guilt hit his guy when he hear he call him "Kazekage"."Lei..." He began, she turned around and looked at him. Gaara turned around again. "...Nevermind." He said. Gaara slapped himself mentally for slipping up. She nodded and Gaara heard her foot steps lead off. "I love you Lei..." He said finally.Gaara was walking around the Village, checking up on everyone and ensuring no trouble was to be started. The people of the Village still feared Gaara and hated him, so they stayed clear of him when he walked. Everyone, except Lei. She popped out of the inn she was staying in and ran over to Gaara. She jumped on him making him stumble slightly."Lei!" He yelled, causing the others to jump. Lei just hugged Gaara's neck then let go. She smiled up to him, the bear still clutched in her hand. Gaara grumbled slightly and he dusted of his clothes."Hey Gaara!" She said cheerfully. He groaned inwardly. "Come play with me!" She said, dragging him over to the gate. He was fascinated at her maturity level, seeing as she was not much younger then him.The villagers watched in interest as Lei lead Gaara toward the gate. He was blushing slightly and Lei was smiling brightly up at him. She let go of Gaara's hand and grabbed the ball that was lying on the ground. "Catch!" She said as she threw it towards Gaara. He wasn't paying attention because of the tingling feeling in his hand, and the ball hit him on his "love" charecter. Lei laughed at Gaara's confused expression."It's not that funny." He said rubbing the spot on his forhead. Lei just nodded her head and ran off after the ball. Gaara smirked and darted after her, comming up quickly behind the girl. He grabbed her around the middle and lifter her up. She shrieked and began wiggling. He tickled her sides and her mouth poured out laughs."G-G-Ga-Gaara! S-s-s-stop!" She begged threw laughs. Gaara began sniggering with her, and set the wiggling girl down."I love you Lei." He said, she looked up at him, confused at first, then smiled and locked herslef around his waist."I love you too Gaara." She said sincerly.Gaara wrapped his arms around Lei, hugging her for the first time.It began raining in Sunakagure.

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