“Sign of Insanity”[another Gaaraxoc Story!]

"It's a sign of insanity, oh, it's a sign of insanity when you, when you find yourself thinkin' not so smart thoughts, when you find yourself overcome by desire..." I sighed and flopped back-first onto the bed, smiling wistfully. "I can't stop thinkin' about you! You're the only thing on my mind, the only thing worth thinkin' of. You're only a dream, a figment of my imagination, but you're the keeper of my heart. I know it might get broken, but it's a risk I'm willing to take... I'm willing to ta-"

"Abby!" Temari's voice rang from downstairs. "Abby, there's dinner on the table!"

"Be there in a minute!" I called back, groaning as I rolled off the bed. Getting off the floor, I stumbled out of the room, only to realize it wasn't my room that I was in. "...Uh-oh."

"Yo, Abigail!" Kankurou called. "It's getting cold!""Coming!" I made a mad dash for the stairs.I entered the dining room, blinking when I received an odd stare and a snicker."...Abby?" Temari ventured, hesitantly.

"...Abigail, why are you...?" Kankurou began to ask, between snickers.

"...****." I swallowed hard, feeling as if I ate something that didn't agree with me. I turned to leave the room, only to walk into Gaara, who simply gave me a 'look'.

"Yes, why are you wearing my shirt...?" Gaara asked me, his voice causing me to shiver.

"Uhm... Ah.. I..." I studdered, still trembling from the mere sound of his voice.

"Well...?" Gaara pressed.

"...Itsmellednice..." I mumbled.

"Abigail, we can't hear you." I could feel Kankurou smirking at I.

"...It smelled nice...?" I half-whispered.

"...Abby... You like Gaara...?" Temari blinked.

"..." I trembled, walking out of the room, and bolting as soon as I was out of sight. I had lost my appetite.

"Gee, Temari..." Kankurou blinked. "Subtle really isn't your thing, is it?"

I was now sitting on a swing at the old playground where I'd first met Gaara.

"I can't believe it..." I mumbled to myself. "He officially knows I like him now.. I bet he thinks I'm crazy... Insane, even... He probably thought I was insane right off the bat... I'm wearing his shirt, I was in his bedroom and singing about him, no less..."

"Talking to yourself is a sign of insanity, you know..." came that voice that made my heart beat faster, that turned my mind to mush, that made me tremble. I whirled around, twisting the chains of the swing, eyes wide.

"G-G-G-Gaara-sama!" I spluttered, finding that merely speaking his name was more than just hard work. Gaara sat down in a swing next to me, and I allowed my swing to return to noral.

"Did I startle you?" Gaara asked, looking at me.

"...Y-yes..." I studdered and changed the subject. "...We met here, didn't we...?"

"Hai. Several years ago." Gaara nodded.

"Someone tried to strangle me with the swingset chain..." I whispered. "You came along and scared the guy away..."

"And you hugged me." Gaara smirked when he noticed my scarlet cheeks.

"And every day whenyou came to the playground, I'd follow you home..." I blinked slowly, still red in the cheeks.

"Like a lost puppy." Gaara dragged his feet under the swing, very unlike a Kazekage.

"Eventually, I stayed with you..." I kicked up a bit of dust, nervous to be around Gaara. He was leagues greater than I was..."And I still think you're insane for daring to even stay around me." Gaara added.

"...Oh..." I sighed.

"But you're a sign of my insanity." Gaara gavea genuine smile and kissed the corner of my lips.

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