Wer. The Beginning. A Wolfs Tale Of How We Came To Be!

I have just finished one of my fictional books, in a series or four. This book is in publication now through, printdomain with woodhouse books. I am writing books two and three along is each other. Those of a taste for immortals, witchcraft and black magic , King Arthur, the Vikings into the documented stories in the Church of England and the Crown. Then this book might be for you. Even though it is a fictional read, the books do have true recorded facts,which will give you the idea it could only be true.  So what are the books about?  An immoral from the beginning his name is Wer. The first of a kind called Changer, raised by dire wolves this young boy, bitten many times not knowing his place in the pack. These bites containted the first form of rabies, that with a genetic change turn him on the full moon, on his 21st birthday. I have given ideas of how from him , werewolves came to be known throughout the world.  The main things you come away with in throughts are, was there?... is there?...facts!.. records! ... proof!... ending with, oh my!! it could all be true... which then brings me to book four... which are indeed all facts, based around my characters which do then make you think.... All the books are of fact, as I the author could only know this, being an immortal myself and wishing to tell our story.
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46-50, M
Jul 12, 2011