Second Star

The following is an exerpt from my fantasy book Second Star under my pen name Amaya Thorne. This work is published and copyrighted. Please do not copy or use any of the work without expressed written permission by me. Thank you.

I went to my toes silencing him with a kiss. My lips tingled with electricity beneath the bewitchment he crafted. He deepened the kiss cupping my neck and waist holding me so lightly. I felt a tear hit my cheek and drew back blinking into his teary eyes. “What’s wrong Pan?”

“Who are you?” he asked achingly.

“Willow Rhodes,” I answered sitting on the sofa crossing my legs beneath his intense stare.

“Where do you come from?”

“London,” I retorted and his eyes narrowed slightly before he prowled forward kneeling so he was basically in my lap pinning me to the couch. I uncrossed my legs and he sat full studying my eyes.

His hands wove into my hair before locking tightly holding me as he lowered his mouth taking mine possessively. I gasped as the tingles began to pop along my lips. His tongue slid in zapping that energy around my mouth. He flipped us deftly so I was on top of him in that strangely intimate position cradled between his strong legs.

He unhooked the cloak clasp tugging it off. I shivered from the lack of heat sitting up enough to remove the satchel from my neck dropping it to the floor. He went down my spine finding the dagger easily. I stiffened as he trailed it up my back before he let it clatter to the floor.

“You move fast brother dear,” James observed from the door. I had the dagger in my hand standing swiftly before his dark gray gaze.

“Why are you here James?” Pan asked in amusement rolling to his side on the couch.

“The girl owes me a boone and I decided I want it collected before she forgets,” he replied coldly.

“I don’t break my promises,” I growled.

“She fully intends to keep her promise she’s already made that crystal clear to me and my men,” Pan agreed.

“Really,” James asked eyeing us darkly.

“In her words this was just a kiss before the kiss off,” Pan stated flatly.

“Pan,” I breathed looking at him.

“You’ve heard our plight and it seems I have some things to speak to my men about,” he shrugged. “Go if you wish to. I hold no ill will against whatever makes you happy.”

“What?” James gasped.

“Get lost James,” I growled and his e yes narrowed. “I’m leaving at first light and I know what to do. Go home.”

“You love him, just like that,” James stammered and Pan laughed making James fume. “Why are you laughing?”

“I asked the same thing of you brother; I thought surely if she’d fight me so aggressively to leave it was out of love for you,” he explained, “she doesn’t love me. She hates me, right precious?”
         “Right now yeah I hate you,” I agreed putting the dagger back in the small of my back shouldering my satchel. “I’m camping here and leaving at first light.”

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Feb 19, 2012