I've been stuck in a rut for about a year now. The only thing I have been able to write is teen romance- which I'm terrible at. The plots are never original. Boy meets girl- or boy meets boy, I usually prefer to write the latter- and they fall in love. There's at least one struggle and then OH MY GOD HAPPILY EVER AFTER HOW SURPRISING.

So I stopped writing for a few months. I worked diligently over the summer to improve my grammar and vocabulary. Now, I'm in a place where I think I could expand my horizons.

I want to write a fantasy.

I LOVE fantasy. I play Skyrim religiously and I often wish to live in a world such as Tamriel. So only four hours ago, I took action. I scribbled until an idea came to fruition.

And so, the world of Kyrr was born. The lore and history is popping into my head as I type this. It's so hard to concentrate. I know, soon, the excitement will die and writers block will take its place.

To make sure the world of Kyrr is consistent- consistency is something I often lack- I'm trying something new. I'm writing a full guide on each province and region of Kyrr, complete with lore and illustrations. It's worked wonderfully so far to flesh out my ideas and make Kyrr seem real. I'm excited to begin, and I'm thinking of making this a joint project.

I'm not new to EP. I had an account, bad things happened, and I quit. I want new, better friends now. If anybody would like to join me on my little adventure through Kyrr, I welcome all.
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I shall create a treasure map for this adventure through kyrr. I can't guarantee a treasure but I can provide map.

Actually I'll keep my map to myself, I'll visit Kyrr when it has a cliff to go diving.

Why thank you. I'm happy to see that I've got some people interested in my little world.

Was that an insult? If so, please notify me when you find that cliff because I'd love to watch you jump, but if not, fine. :)

No insult, if there's a treasure in this place id like to be the one to find it.

I shall take my time climbing the Rocky Mountains to attain a better few of Kyrr. Can I have an island in this place?

You may have a tiny isle in the Sea of Serpents.

Haha sorry, I'm on edge tonight for reasons I'll keep to myself. I'm sure there's enough treasure for everyone.

Thank you my generous queen, I will take what you've blessed me with and make you proud. My servants are already working on the castle as we speak. As for the serpents of the sea, I have granted medusa with a new wig provided that not willingly turn any man woman beast or animal living on Kyrr into stone. I ask that you visit when my castle is complete. I will tell the alligators in the moat to show you the cliff from which I dive.* splashes the queen to cheer her up *

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