The Auslesen Seven Saga!!!


My name is Zachary T. M. Schmitz. I noticed that you and I are in the same fan club for Fantasy Fiction. I Love fantasy fiction so much that I began writing “The Auslesen Seven” saga. The first book is already published, I’m proofreading the second, and nearly half-way through writing the third book of the six-book saga.

“The Auslesen Seven: In the Land of the Unicorn” takes everything you know and love about fantasy and adds my own special blend of seasonings to include Greek mythology, philosophy, theology, and twisted humor (for instance, instead of an old wise man teaching the children magic, it’s a convicted criminal). I’ve combined it all to make a mysterious series that will have you turning the pages as fast as possible to get to the next chapter. Being the first book of the series, it perfectly sets you up for the six-book adventure of a lifetime!

Check out for further details on what the book is all about. If you’d like to read some reviews, check or But for the best price on my book, you’ll have to go through Barnes and!

Thank you for your interest,

Zachary T. M. Schmitz

Author and Novelist.


The Auslesen Seven: In the Land of The Unicorn

The Auslesen Seven: Over the Seven Mountains (To be released later this year!)

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Feb 23, 2010