I Write And Write And Write Some More

I like to write in general.  I journal every day.  I write short stories, poetry, song lyrics, children's stories, and even have written several novels that will never see light of day.  I write for me. It is my way to express my deepest and most intimate feelings.  I write for my friends because I know that it has deep meaning for them.  I write for my lover because I know that he loves to see, in words, how I feel about him and that it is more than just words that keep me coming back for more.
When I write the pain disappears, the joy is greater, the lust is hotter, and the love is deeper.
I hope that there never comes a day when I am no longer able to write.  Knowing that Alzheimer's is hereditary I worry that someday I may not be functional enough to write.  I think that is one reason I journal so consistently.  I don't want to lose those precious memories and hopefully if the day comes that I am diagnosed with it then my family (friends) will be able to read my stories and remind me of my greatest memories.  So I write for me and my future.
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I write every day, too. Keep writing. A busy mind is a healthy mind.

Fungirlmmm I truly admire your personality of words and thoughts.Wish you good luck !!


Good for you! Why do you shy away from sending your novels for publication to a few Publishers? I suppose you could get the names of Publishers who handle fresh talent on Google. No harm done in trying. You may just hit the jackpot!! Even if no Publisher picks up your work you will feel happy at having tried. <br />
<br />
You spoke of Alzheimer being hereditary in your family but you should know that there are new remedies being researched at this point of time. If you Google them you would know at what stage they are and when they are likely to hit the market. I am sure that long before you become prone to the disorder there will be a number of remedies on the market for you to choose from. So do not lose heart and keep writing, if for no other reason than fulfilling an inner urge. Good luck to you!

Awwww, AWESOME reasons to write!! You do a wonderful job with it too!! ♥

you are doing a great job

I would love to write full-time so I could work at what I love to do. It is frustrating not being able to do so because I can't afford not to work. I wish I could find someone to sponsor me so I could focus on my book. I don't have the energy or focus by the time I get home from work and I am the type that does one thing and does it very well. I can't be 100% at two 'jobs'. I just finished my last day at work and have written so much but now I'm looking for a job full-time. Round and round we go, where we end up nobody know, when I'm gone I want to leave something to show, not a car cuz it can just be towed like mine last night or maybe it was a repo? I don't need or want money to blow, just enough to make it- grow, ya know?!

What better legacy to leave than the love of words? I don't think there is one any better. **hugs**

fungirlmmm, You write for all the right reasons. I have been writing since I have been able to hold a big, fat pencil in my hand. I write better than I speak at times and I have a box of everything that I have written. I hope that someday, someone from my family or future generations will find them and either read them from first to last or pick through them.<br />
I've been very happy to see that my children, now grown, have seen that there is a use to write things down. My son likes to draw, but that's just another form of getting his feelings out. <br />
I like to write poetry, haiku, short stories, articles and essays.