I Married A Gorrila

I am married to a man who is smart ~ funny ~ beautiful to look at ~ successful and has no regard for any one or thing, other then himself ~
Prince Charming ~ EVERYONE LOVES HIM ~ *sigh*
Mr. F*cking Perfect ~ every man wants to be him ~ every woman ( my sister included ) sets her sights on f*cking him and if she is *acceptable * he gives it to them ~ what a humanitarian he is * 15 years I have given him * my youth and in return I have been lied to daily* humiliated consistently ~ I have left him several times ~ and he shows up with flowers and jewelery....promises and kisses ~ gets me back and does it all again =D and I go along ~ I have 4 sons who Idolize him * and yes they are successful ~ I will wait the 7 yrs and then float on * I am married to my dream man ~ unfortunately I am not his dream woman ~
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2 Responses May 7, 2012

Sorry to hear your story. Fact is you have to respect yourself and only then will others respect you. Walk out on him and live life on your own. It may seem difficult at first but as you go on you will find the strength within you to carry on. So just put your chin up and do what you have to do. This will help you to rid yourself of all the negativity you have built up within you. Bet of luck!

Yeah, I dumped mine about 7 years ago and found a woman. We've managed to make it work out, without her "husband," too. <br />
-- Lied, beaten and misled.