My Haikus

I don't know if these are any good....

Sudden Sorrow
Sorrow is sudden,
not able to be controlled,
even if you tried.

A Tear
Dripping, slowly down,
tracing patterns on it's way,
a tear goes freely.

Drop of Blood
Beading at the cut,
glistening red as it goes,
beautiful, to me.

Death is a release,
from all of the bad things here,
don't seek it of light.

Cursed Be
Never to feel love,
never to love another,
cursed is what I be.

Sorrow of Noise
Do you hear that noise,
the sound of weeping, sobbing,
so quiet, yet loud.

Days filled with sorrow,
it's forevermore to be,
no cheer, or laugh here.

Countless, endless days,
forevermore to occur,
cursed beyond my time.

Love Be
Be wrought from thy soul,
thy love for thy other,
for true harmony.

Storm Atop Water
Shivering from chill,
waves be growing stronger now,
to be caught in storm.

No Love
For true it may be,
it be a sorrowful world,
if there be no love.

Love of Pure
Inside emptiness,
one may find the purest of,
love, to give, receive.
lolbratz101 lolbratz101
13-15, F
Jan 28, 2013