The Old maid
In another limo traveling to the same destination as the passengers that departed from Harlem sits Carl Wagner, 50’s year old businessman, his wife Dena, and their young son Richie. Rich stood at 6’; a burley boy with ruddy blonde hair felled in his face. The limo raced up the highway as if fire was chasing them. Dena turns to her son Richie to chide him. “Richie sit still you have been moving constantly since we left. Richie makes a face and wines Mom these new tightly whites are tight and they pinch. His father speaks up, young man, says it as if it is the last time he would address his son with the title. You know we have talked about this. Dr. Jerk prescribed those for you because of your “condition”. You know when it is the middle of the month you must wear them. I have allowed you to wear boxers so you may enjoin your freedom for now. We knew that you would have to accept the boy man side of your development. We have allowed you to play on the football and any sport you wanted. Yeah dad! I was good. Yes son you have made me proud until this last problem with that Themes daughter. Now Carl you promise not to talk about that said Dena. Richie held his head in shame. I am sorry Dad. I am really am. Richie remembers the spanking he had gotten when his parents discovered his shameful secret. Carl Wagner had built his empire in the publication field. His wife Dena was bred to be a housewife and social event coordinator. Their children Richard and Jade were Carl’s insurance of appearance of stability and family in the New York arena. So the hint of scandal within his own his house would ruin him in circles that his son had not yet been introduced to. The balance of power was tilted and Richard’s indiscretion may cause disaster that ripped. However, it was not all Richard fault because of Dena’s insistence that dear Richie be allowed to explore and be indulged. However, the clues to Richie as he was now being present and could not be ignored. Yes, Richard was an all American boy. But, the bedroom of the boy told a different story. Richie was a collector dolls from the age of 6. Yes, he like trucks and cars and other boy toys but it was the dolls that his parents new the truth. His dolls although all boys reflected Richie true nature, some was dressed in all leather, some was sissified, other was completely nude. It was the black G.I. Joe that wore the sign as master. Richie had picked it out as a birthday present to himself at 6. It was Richie favorite one. When Jade stole the doll Richie threaten to burn the house down. Both parents threaten Jade with severed punishment and the young mix quickly returned the doll. The journey ended with Richie’s, the old maid, first sight of All Male Academy and Preparatory School. As the car passed through the security and the gates closed Richie leaked more in the tight white underpants; his father broke out in a sweat. His mother looked anxious. All three lives were about to change.
Daddyleon Daddyleon
Aug 18, 2014