My Journal Is a Little.....odd

now that the title here set the mood...i shall tell you about my current journal. it's spirial notebook size, black,andhasagold ribbon to mark my page. The reason it is odd would be because it's more than just a journal...orrather it will be. My plan is to continue to write in itnot only my personal things but things left on purpose forareader to find. in fact i more andmore just write the entrys for this "dear reader". I plan on joining up here soon, and by no way will this journalbe filled by then; so i plan on leaving it in a publiclibary for someone to find. i can see there face when they pull it out of where it was; stuck between the hunter S. thompson books and  open it. there are instructions about halfway in; explaining that it is a social experiment and for this new holder of my journal; to keep writing in it and when they are boredof it to leave it somewhere like i did.

but back to the topic at hand...

i do like to keep a journal it lets me explore my own mind. but seeing as how my journal is more than just a journal i also keep a blog :) 

BillySasquatch BillySasquatch
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1 Response Mar 20, 2009

Sounds brilliant!!!