My Journal 1

Music. It triggers a reaction for me. I cannot listen to the most of the popular music of today unless the words are blocked out. I settle deep into music, it teaches me, inspires me, strengthens me. With it I feel powerful, my abilities hightened. Yes indeed I'm physcic but that means nothing. No I'm not crazy... Maybe I am. Anyways my first Journal is to explain I'm a medium, as I know. I'm not strong but one day if I train myself I can be. Then I can help those who need it, to cross over. But I'm not ready. And I do not yet know if I should be the one to do so, perhapes I should push it away as many do. But I'm not sure... I will train and see, or consult someone who can tell me what's best.
Viliotdragon Viliotdragon
13-15, F
Sep 8, 2012