Two Months With Daddy - Part 1

 WARNING ! ****** AND **** ! 

Title: Two Months with Dadd
Part 1: First Day with Daddy

Characters: Tiffany and her Daddy

So I am Tiffany. I am currently studying and I got my vacation. I was born in States and I am now living in with my family. It actually felt good here with the cold temperature and everything. It feels like home.

I was sitting on the couch, watching television. I was left with my Daddy since my Mom went overseas for an urgent project. She would be gone for about two months. My Daddy is upstairs, inside his bedroom, probably reading book. I was wearing a white tank top showing my breasts and a skirt.

To tell you honestly, I wasn't wearing a bra nor any panties. I was just too lazy besides I was inside the house and it was completely evening. I shivered when the cold wind went directly to my *****. I was actually leaning on the coach with my legs spread open and I was eating popcorn.

Closing my legs, I stood up. I walk towards the kitchen and place the empty bowl on the sink. I walk back to the living room and turned off the television before going upstairs. The master's bedroom was open and I took a peek. My Daddy was reading a book, leaning on the board of the bed.

I went inside without bothering to knock. My Daddy stop reading and looked up to me. "Is something wrong Sweetie?" He asked and I shook my head.

"Daddy, can I sleep with you?" I asked using my famous puppy dog eyes. No one could resist it especially my Daddy.

"Okay." I hear him. I was just jumping like crazy on my thoughts. I quickly jumped on the bed and it was so warm and comfortable.

My Daddy stopped reading and turned off the lights. It was so dark since the window was covered by a black thick curtain but it was still good. I feel him shift and he was now lying next to me. He was facing the ceiling and I was facing him.

Lately, I have been having an urge of sexual desires. It's killing me actually. Sometimes, during my lectures in my school, I would always slip my fingers inside of my skirt and rubbed my finger against my crotch. It felt good and I was soaking wet down there when I came home.

There are a few times also when I was on the shower. I will caress my breasts while I am bathing myself. I first fingered myself a few months ago. I slip my finger inside my ***** and it felt so good. My juices were dripping wet to my legs.

I continued to do it. My Daddy was actually the reason of it. I would always moan for his name. My ***** is twitching now that he is near me and I want to finger myself. I wonder what will my Daddy's reaction if he saw me fingering myself beside him and on his bed. But it's making me horny and turned  me on.

Now that the room is dark, I have my chance. He swiftly lifted my leg and placed it over his legs, placing it between his legs making is spread. I began rubbing my open legs to his and I swear that my ***** was dripping wet. It felt so breezy. I accidently on purpose brush my thigh up to his crotch and heard him groan after that. I repeat the process and his moans were getting louder and louder.

I went beside him and hugged his body. I felt his hand on my arm and rubbed his hot palm on my cold arm. I smile. "Daddy?" I called. I nuzzled on his neck, savouring his scent.

"Yes, Sweetie?" He answered. He was actually awake when I move towards him.

"Do you want me?" I asked seductively as I continued to rubbed my legs on his ones.

"What do you mean?" He asked, rubbing his palm over my arm.

I lifted myself and drop my body on top of him. He hugged me. I could feel his arms around my body, securing me. "I am already 19 right?" I asked and I feel him nodded.

"What is wrong, Sweetie?" He asked me again and I sighed.

"Daddy, I have been wanting you." I finally spoke. "Whenever I think of you, my ***** will always twitch resulting me to finger myself. I would always imagine your **** dipping inside me. I want you to **** me Daddy. **** me with your **** through my ***** and anal. I want you to *** inside of me." I breathed.

"But it's wrong, Sweetie. I am your father and you are my daughter, we can't do it." He whispered.

"You don't love me?" I asked him.

"Of course not. I love you, Tiffany, but this is all wrong." He said again.

"If you love me then you will **** me." I said looking at his face through the darkness. "You will *** inside me. You will fill me. You will **** my ******* and even my *****. You will make me feel good and I will be pregnant with your baby."

"Sweetie, I can't. You're still young." He reasoned.

"No. I am not young. I am already 19. I want you. Your **** says so. I could feel your hard on poking my *****. Please Daddy. **** me. I want you to make my virginity. I want to feel you." I pleaded rubbing my palms on his chest.

He sighed. "Do you really want me to **** you?" He asked and I nodded my head. "Okay. I will fulfil your wish." He whispered and bit on my ear.

He kissed my face. My forehead. My eyes as I closed it. My nose and landed on my lips. His lips were above mine and he bit on it. I opened my mouth and his tongue slip inside. He tasted me around my mouth and I moaned at it. Our tongues were tangled and our saliva were mixing together.

I pulled out from the kiss and panted. "Daddy, please touch me." I said breathily.

"Okay. Sit up." He commanded. I sat up and he sat up as well. "***** your clothes. Throw it on the floor." He said. I nodded. I slip off my tank top and my breasts pop out. I could feel he is also stripping himself off.

I stood up on the bed and took off my skirt tossing it on the floor. "Now lie down." He said and lied down on the middle of the bed. "Open your legs. Spread it wide." He said and spread my legs wide. I could feel again the wind on my *****.

He switch the lights on, but the dim ones. He saw me fully naked, lying on the bed with legs spread wide. I examined his body and he was still perfectly built. I drop my gaze at his ****. It was so big and standing tall. I smirk at what I saw.

"Ready to **** me, Daddy?" I asked seductively and I saw him smile.

"I am. But are you ready to be ****?" He asked teasingly and went to my side.

He went to my side and spread my legs some more. He kissed me again and went to my already erect nipples. He kissed on it. He licked it on circles before sucking it. I moaned. "Yes! Daddy! Suck it!" I moaned and he continued to suck faster. He moved to my other nipple and did the same. It felt so good to felt his wet tongue on my nipples.

Pinching on it, I moaned. "Do you like it?" He asked while pinching both of my hard nipples.

"Yes Daddy!" I breathed. "Pinch it harder Daddy! Suck on it!" I screamed and he obliged. He suck on my nipples as if he was waiting for milk to ooze out and swirled his tongue. "Yes." I breathed as he continued to suck my nipples.

He stopped and lean over to me to give me a kiss. My legs spread wider as my ***** felt excited. I went to hold his hands and guided it on my dripping *****. He cupped my dripping ***** and rubbed his palm over it.

My bare and shaved ***** was responding to his touch. We continued to kiss and he continued to rub my *****. He came to a halt. His index finger went in front of my ***** hole, opening it slowly but not entering and sliding it upwards towards my clitoris. I felt excited again. He continued and do the same process again.

I pulled out from the kiss and breathed. I went to reach for his **** and pump it as he slid his index finger on my *****. He grunted when I pump it. Without warning, he slip his finger inside of my ***** and I arch my head back as he fastened his pace.

He entered another one. His two fingers were ******* my ***** making me excited and fasted the pumping of his ****. It felt so good. His fingers were big and it was scissoring me. He added another finger and I nearly screamed.

"Yes! Daddy more! More! Harder! Faster! Make me *** Daddy! **** my ***** with your finger! Yes! Like that!" I moaned like a crazy **** but he still obeyed. He fastened more his pace and thrust deeper and harder. I tightened my hole around his fingers.

"I'm ******* Daddy! More! I want more! Faster! **** Daddy! I'm *******! Oh God! ****! ****! ****!" I moaned louder as I felt my ****** hitting. I could feel my juices flowing towards his fingers. He came also on my chest and breasts up to my mouth. I licked the *** off and it tasted delicious.

He pulled out his fingers and brought it up to his face. He lick and slip it on his mouth. His *** coated finger was slipping out of his mouth. It was so sexy and I smiled. I panted and I started to perspire. "How did I taste Daddy?" I asked when he finish licking his fingers off.

"Delicious. I never thought that you could be this delicious. It taste heaven. I wouldn't mind having the same breakfast, lunch, dinner or ever snack." He said and kissed me passionately on my lips.

As he pulled from the kiss, we gazed lovingly. It wasn't the gaze you give your father, it was a gaze you gave to your lover. I felt love and good whenever Daddy is with me. "Daddy." I called.

"Yes, Sweetie?" He asked.

"Please eat me." I said. He chuckled.

He went down and was now between my parted legs. He looked at me and smiled. He lower himself and lick my *****. I moaned. "That felt good Daddy! I want more!" I moaned like crazy again. He continued to lick my ***** with my juices. I could tell he is enjoying it. It felt good. His tongue was on my *****, licking me.

Furthering the level, he suck on my *****. He suck my juice and swallowed it all. I moaned again. He licked from the opening up to my clitoris. He suck my clitoris like as what he did to my nipples. He continued the same process and I moaned even louder than before.

"Daddy! More! Eat your daughter's *****! Yes! Like that! Suck on it Daddy! UHHHH!" I moaned. He inserted two fingers immediately and continued to suck it. He opened my ***** and stared at my opening.

I could feel his breath against my opening. He slid his tongue inside my ***** hole and it felt nice. God it was so damn right. "That's right Daddy! I want more! OH GOD! ****! UHHH! MMMM! AHHHH! YES! MORE! EAT MY *****! YES! MAKE ME ***! MAKE ME *** TO YOUR FACE! LIKE THAT! YES! AGAIN!" I shouted.

He sucked harder and I could feel my stomach tightening. I tightened my walls on his tongue as he continued to suck ."YES! I'M ******* DADDY! AHHHHHHMMMM! MORE! I'M *******! OH ****! GOD! GOD! YES! UGHHHH! MORE! LIKE THAT! SUCK HARDER!" I shouted again then I exploded.

I feel my juices exploded on his face. His tongue did the job to clean it off and it was so awesome. I felt the best ****** that I never had felt before. "That was awesome, Sweetie. Your *** is so delicious."

"I'm glad you like it Daddy. This will be your midnight snack. You don't mind, do you?" I asked.

"Of course not, Sweetie. This is the best midnight snack. I want more and I want it every night. You like that Sweetie?"

"Yes Daddy!" I answered. "Then will Daddy **** me now? I want your **** inside me Daddy."

"That would be good." He said and sat up. I could feel the tip of his **** nudging on my *****. I thought he was entering me but all I could feel is the tip of his **** rubbing on my *****. I felt lightheaded and it felt so damn awesome and good. I moan and gripped on my breasts, playing with my hard nipples.

When he was about to enter me, I stop him. "Stop Daddy." And he stopped.

"What's wrong Sweetie?" He asked me.

"**** my *******, Daddy." I pleaded. I lifted my butt so he could see my puckering *******.

"Oh. It looks so sexy and tight Sweetie. You really wanted me to **** you anal?" He asked and I nodded.

"I have been wanting it Daddy. I want you to **** my *******. It's aching and wants your **** Daddy. Will you do it for me? Will you have an anal sex with me?" I asked.

"Of course. I would be honoured." He said. He positioned his **** in front of my *******. It looks small but I don't care. I see many **** videos and saw several girls having anal sex. With even two dicks inside. I wanted to know how it feels.

I could feel his **** nudging my *******. "Daddy, don't take long. Just thrust it inside me. Don't care about me. Don't care about my cries. I want it. Even though it will hurt I still wanted it. Pain is my pleasure Daddy." I said and smirk.

"Okay." And with that, he thrust his big **** inside my *******. I could feel a stinging pain surrounds my *** but I don't care. My Daddy continued to **** my ******* like a horny bastard. He thrusts in and out. It feels like I am splitting into half but it felt good. I didn't lie that pain is my pleasure because it really is. It makes me want more.

"OHHHH! DADDY! THAT'S IT! ****  ME MORE! YES! LIKE THAT! MY ******* IS FITTED TO YOUR **** DADDY! IT FELT GOOD! AGHHH! MMMMM! YES! MORE! DEEPER! AHHMMMM! AGGGGHHH!" I moaned once again. Don't blame me, it felt to good. His **** was fully inside me. It was ripping my ******* but I couldn't care less. I wanted more. I am craving for more.

"YOU LIKE THAT? WANT MORE? DADDY WILL GIVE YOU MORE BABY! YOUR ******* IS SO TIGHT TIFFANY! IT FEELS GOOD! GOD! IT'S SO HOT AND WARM! ****! AGHHH! THERE! YOU WANT LIKE THAT?!"  I heard my Daddy said and he was ******* me like crazy. He couldn't get enough. My ******* was stinging.

"YES DADDY! LIKE THAT! I LIKE IT! DEEPER DADDY! MORE! HARDER! I WANT MORE! **** MY ******* DADDY! IT REALLY FEELS GOOD! MMMM! FEEL THAT DADDY! YES! MORE!" I breathed. I answered him so he could keep his pace faster and even harder.

"I'M ******* TIFFANY! ****!" He grunted.

"STOP!" I screamed and he stop abruptly. "Daddy pull out." He pull his **** out of my ***. Then I shouted again. I spread my legs wider making my ***** spread more. "Why don't you **** me *****, Daddy? I need you to *** inside me. I want you baby Daddy! Stick that thing inside me. NOW!"

He smirk and gladly thrust his **** inside my dripping *****. It felt even good. Feels like heaven. He thrust again like a horny bastard. My ***** was now ripping into half like my *******. "MMM! AGGHHH! MORE DADDY! YES! THERE! HIT THERE DADDY! AGAIN! YES! LIKE THAT! THERE! AGAIN! MORE! HARDER! AHHH! ****! OH GOD! I'M CUMMIN DADDY! DEEPRE! MORE! AHHH! FUUUCKK!" I cursed.

"OH BABY! SWEETIE I'M *******! UGGH! YOUR ***** FEELS AWESOME! IS IT HERE SWEETIE? HERE? ****! I'M GOING TO FILL YOU SWEETIE! TIFFANY YOU DAMN ***** OF MINE! YOU LIKE THAT! AHHHH!" I hear him moaned. God! It felt so awesome. I couldn't even use another word. Awesome. Hot. Whatever. Good. Best.


Minutes later, he came spurting his *** inside my *****. It was so warm. I could feel my ****** too. Our *** mixed together inside my dripping *****. It felt good. My Daddy's **** is the best. I want more. My ***** will be sore tonight but I don't care as long as it's Daddy that ***** me then everything is fine.

I hugged him tightly when he thrust a few more to spurt a load of his *** inside my *****. "ARGHH! That feels good Daddy! You're the best!" I whispered to his ear. My legs were tightly wrapped around his hips as he fill me with his big ****. He stop moving and look me in the eyes.

He leaned over and gave me the most hot passionate kiss. He French kiss me. His tongue was dancing along with mine. I could taste my *** inside his mouth. It felt heaven. I was in heaven actually now that my Daddy took my virginity away. He even *** inside me and filled me up. It was so wonderful and the best night for me but I don't want it to end.

"Daddy, do you have a *****?" I asked.

"Yes. It's on the drawer." He said.

"Okay. Don't pull out yet. I want to feel you inside me." I said and he nodded. I was glad that we were near the drawer. I reach for it and took it with me. "Daddy, you can pull out but replace your **** with the *****. I don't want your *** to be wasted." I said.

He smiled and nodded. He took the ***** and slowly pulled out. It was painful but awesome. He immediately thrust the ***** back inside my ***** to keep his *** inside me.

"You really wanted to get pregnant with Daddy's baby right?" He said and I nodded.

"Yes. I want you to be the father of my child Daddy. I don't want anyone, I only want you. Your **** feels so good inside me and I just wish I could get pregnant immediately." I said and he kissed me again.

"What do you want to do Sweetie?" He asked me. He was still on top of me, between my parted legs.

"Can you **** me again? I want the anal sex again. It felt so good and right." I said and he nodded.

"Okay Tiffany." He said and lied down. "Why don't you ride Daddy?" He suggested and my eyes glistened with desire.

"Really Daddy? You want me to ride you?" I asked.

"Of course. Your my daughter after all so I want you to feel good tonight and enjoyed our hot steaming sex." He said.

I straddled on his stomach and scooted down. I could feel his **** alive again because it was nudging my *******. My back was facing to him so I put my arms between his parte legs to support me. I could feel he was looking at my *** being nudge by his erect ****.

"I'm going down now Daddy." I said.

"Go ahead." He said.

I simply lowered myself. I looked behind me and saw him staring at my ******* slowly swallowing his ****. "MMMMM." I moaned loud as I could feel the head entered me. Without further ado, I slammed myself down just to hear the slapping of his balls to my butt cheeks, his groaned and my moan.

"AHHHH!" I went faster and he was grunting underneath me. I am glad that my ******* was slippery since it was easier to enter me. I continued to ride him, bouncing up and down on his shaft. He grip on my hips tightly and guided me. He pushed me up and down his **** and could hear the loud slapping of his balls with my butt cheeks.

Bouncing so happily, pleasure took over and I moaned sexily. I grip on my breasts and massage my nipples as he continued to **** my ******* and me riding him. It didn't took long for me and him to ***.

******* once again, I exploded inside my ***** but I was glad that the ***** is inside my *****. My *** and my Daddy's *** finally mix together inside my *****. I heard him groaning and moaning my name several times and then it hit me. He *** inside my ***. Filling me to no end.

He was so big so of course his load will be big too. "AHHH DADDY! THAT'S NICE! MMMM! FILL ME! FILL MY ******* DADDY!" I shouted as I continued to massage my breasts.

As I was on top of him, he lifted his upper body and I could feel his chest on my naked back. He whispered to my ear. "Who are you again, Tiffany?" He asked and I know the answer to that. "Why don't you shout it?" He said and I was surprise as he continued to **** my sore *******.


"Now tell me more." He whispered again and cupped my breasts. I let go and he massage me. I still continued to bounce up and down on him and his **** was sliding on my sore and tight *******.

"DADDY! MY ***** IS YOURS DADDY! AHHHH! YES! THIS IS YOUR ***** DADDY! MY ******* IS YOURS TOO DADDY! MORE! DEEPER! HARDER! LIKE THAT! ARGHHH! **** YOUR ******* DADDY! YES! IT'S ALL YOURS! I WOULD ALWASYS BE YOU-YOUR AHHHH YOUR FOOD DADDY! YOU CAN **** EVERYWHERE AHHH ANYWHERE AND ARGHHH ANYTIME!" I shouted. I could feel my throat was sore from shouting but still all that I said was true. I belong to him. My ***** belongs to him along with my *******.

"Good. Because I am planning on ******* you everywhere, anywhere and anytime Sweetie. You like that?" He asked.

"YES DADDY! I'M YOU DIRTY LITTLE *****! AHHH! YES! DEEPER DADDY! LET ME FEEL YOU AGAIN! YES! YOUR **** IS GETTING BIG DADDY! MORE! **** THAT ******* OF YOURS! YES! LIKE THAT DADDY! AHHHH" Then I exploded again. I don't even know the number I exploded but all I could feel is pleasure and pain. I feel my Daddy's **** inside me and I am satisfied enough. Then he fill me again.

My ******* was full of his *** that it spurted out of his **** and my *******. It travelled down to his **** down to his balls, the sheet. His *** reach my ***** where the ***** was. "Let's take this off." He whispered and took the ***** out and I moaned.

"Now let's sleep." He said and lie down. I was on top of him, my back was on his chest, my legs were spread wide since he brought his knees and between my legs parting it wider. My ***** was dripping down my ******* where his **** was and down the covers.

I smell our sex around the room. I breathed heavily. He lifted the blanket to covers us both with me on top of him. His arms were around me, on my breasts to be specific and my hands was on top of his as I came into a deep sleep along with him.

That was the best night and sex I have ever feel. It was the best of the best and I am glad that Mom wasn't home. I want Daddy all to myself and now he filled me. My ******* is sore with him inside me and my ***** was relax now, thanks to the steaming hot sex that my Daddy gave me.

 This was the best night ever!


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