Was This Love??

she was crying, screaming 'PLEASE don't go, don't leave me alone'. but he didn't stopped. and left her alone for always. it was hard for her to believe what actually was happening with her. she tried every single option to get him back, but he never replied. he ignored every single call and text of her and soon changed his number.
he even change his route so that they can never cross a same lane..
why it was hard for her to believe it??
Did he really cheat her??
was their something which was out of her knowledge???
if he relly loved her, then why did he left her??
he changed his coaching, friends everything. not a single place was left where she can find him.
but still there was something which was her strength. she knew he can never cheat her. what was that???
was this love???
An Ep User An EP User
Jan 12, 2013