4 Sgt... you Are My Hero!


You seduced me with your sexy voice, commanding presence and strong spirit, and you've kept me with your tender heart. I know that I can't have you completely at this point but I am happier than I have been in a very long time. A part of you has become part of me and that is enough for now.

You'll laugh when I say this, but I dream about you every night, probably because I can't see you often enough. But when I'm awake I know that you are the furthest thing from a dream. Sometimes I imagine that you are Superman: my own personal superhero and an indestructible human being. Your confidence is consuming and your perspective is huge. (mmm gotta love a cocky man.)  You have no place in your life for jealousy,complaints, or repeated failure. These things are just not options. My life is so small in comparison, with you solving all my problems like they are nothing.

I want you to know how much you've opened my eyes and helped me truly see myself. My life’s direction seems clear now, and I have confidence in my future. The past doesn't seem to matter anymore, and as you have said I have a past but we have now and the future. You've made me see possibilities I would never have imagined before.

Yes, I want to please you. But it's through pleasing you that I become a better and stronger person. There is nothing I want more than to transform myself through you. You challenge me to grow beyond myself and leave my weaker self behind. I will show you how beautiful I can be, and I will show you how brilliant and strong I can become. I love how you push me to be a better person. You are amazing and I never want you to go away.



PS: I walked to the lake and it isn't frozen but I don’t think it will ever freeze. By July we should be able to go skinny dipping in it.  :P

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3 Responses Mar 13, 2010

I am sorry you are struggling Rog. No one's life is perfect; many times it is what you make it. I could come here every day and talk about all the sickness and even death that surrounds me. I could even come here and talk of my own issues but I choose to be positive about my life because it is my life and it is the best that it could possibly be. Positive draws positive and negative draws negative.

Thanks eternal.

So sweet. Hugs.