Silly Things

this is my favourite letter that ive received..if its okay, i'd like to share it..

life. a real block of butter. nothing stops you. you're the hot knife. day in day out. we walk with conviction. a is an *******, b is a ***** and c is a ****. and there's nothing wrong in that.

then along comes that butterfly causing tornadoes in you. you never expect things like this. one moment you're taking a stroll in the park, cigarette in one hand and a bottle of beer in the other. and suddenly this butterfly flies in and your lights go out. damn!

coffee starts tasting better without the sugar. you're running in circles. this isnt a coldplay song so you dont get back to the start. you get deeper. you lie for hours on end but you cant sleep. and when you do sleep you dream of giant mushrooms and silly monsters. ****. you wake up and go for the phone.

now the problem is, you're used to being superman with the clouds between your feet. this butterfly is kryptonite. strong and powerful. you cement shut your heart but you're knees crumble. you see, you used to slay those silly monters in your sleep. now you're eating the mushrooms and chilling with the monsters. things become weird and out of control. you were metallica but now you're the cure. ditto.

life. a real block of butter. melting. you're a plastic fork. day in day out. we cant get out of this addiction. a becomes an alabaster jar. b is now a buzzing bumblebee. c has turned into cookies (with the chocolate chips). houston, we have a problem! you're nuts go loose and you're liking it.

that was the breeze. here comes the tornado. watch out.

the aftermath. you're no longer Achilles brad pitt. you're penguin danny devitto. cant stop screwing up. cant see straight. cant do things right. and then u blow it. pretty badly. you dont know where to go from here. now you keep running. superman has gone rogue.

i like the smell of coffee in the morning. the smell after the rain. the smell of burnt tires. now all i remember is the smell of your hair.

i like the taste of cigarettes. the taste of whiskey. the taste of broccoli(!). the only thing on my tongue now is the taste of the last beer i had with you.

i like the feel of morning showers. the feel of my stinking blanket. the feel of rough walls when i punch em. now all i remember is the feel of your hand when u tried not to touch mine.

i like watching football games. watching the sun rise, although i barely get to. i like seeing matches being lit. now i dont know when i'll see you next, if i ever do.

i like listening to metallica. i like the sound of raindrops on the roof. i like the sound of crackling fires. now im missing your voice over the phone.

im sorry.

DashaDaksh DashaDaksh
26-30, F
2 Responses Sep 19, 2012

He does something that I like to do with my writing.
Use my five senses.
I also like creating worlds by building with analogies and comparisons...the give feel, they add color and associate with the readers emotions.
His presence is gentle...his words almost baby the soul...
Whereas mine will steamroll you if you aren't careful.
I definitely like his writing, because I can relate to him.

im sure he'd appreciate your compliments very much indeed ;)
and write your steamrolling masterpiece soon im sure it will be well received - nothing like a good read to take your imagination places u never thought existed - thats something visual data cant do - its so limiting to the mind.
good luck with your writing! :)

cute...its inspiring me to write my own little story.
Thanks Dasha.

oh thank u! except, its not 'by me' its by an ex of mine :/ he sure had a way with words - but u knw sometimes words just arent enough. but im glad it inspires u - cuz it sure did make me happy when i received it ;/