Simplicity Of Life

Good morning Lia,

Long day at camp and such today. Im ready to pass out. Gary gave me much to think about today...

We were out for a bit after dinner and it was fun to an extent but there is something obviously missing. Headed back to my hotel about 1030.

I miss you and i cant believe its been just a week! I know youre having the time of your life and i hope today was no exception.

Take good care and i hope to hear from u soon.

I love you so very much,

Good day Mikey,
Today's adventure consisted of buying produce at a Farmer's Market and discovering another delicious grocery store. We just finished lunch of bread to die for,crusty on the outside and cakey on the inside. Tomatoes,fresh mozzarelle,basil from our kitchen garden. I am looking at the Tuscan hillside as I am typing. I am enjoying washing the clothes which is in a seperate outbuilding, there is no dryer so we hang everything on the line. Ali and I both love to do wash. There is some pretty nice lingerie hanging up between 5 ladies and only 2 men.
I am almost finished with EAT,Pray,Love and then I will dive into my wonderful gift from you. I am able to read in the middle of the night when I cannot sleep. Tomorrow we plan to go to Siena, The weather is sunny,blue skies,no clouds,and windy because the storm came through yesterday.
I hope you are enjoying your camping experience. I saw Gary speak in Orlando and I loved him. I hope you think it was worth it for you to travel so far. I keep thinking so deeply about things,I need to lighten up a little and just enjoy everything. I miss those beautiful delicious dimples of yours. Please remember to bring them home with you and don't let anyone else have them but me!
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Sep 20, 2012