If I Could See You Now....

Dear ----

It's been a long time, longer for me than you or anyone else could ever know.
I can't tell you how much I've missed you; your laugh, your smile, your perfect snow-like skin. Your eyes, as green as purest emerald, which told more about your mind than you realised.
i could write forever, as I once promised, if only to ensure your happiness for a single, solitary second. But my efforts are in vain, alas. I can't make you love me like you used to. I cannot force an emotion so pure, that drowned amidst the iniquity of our world so dark.
The poison still flows in my veins, as it did back then. It numbs my feelings for want of you.
I won't try to invoke guilt, by saying "I'll hurt myself" or "You're so heartless" or accuse you of causing my self-abuse. I'll just accept, with a heavy heart, that our perfect moment is over; and that I must live my life as best I can without you. God be with you, now and forever.

Yours With love,
With a heart as true as may be:
an Old friend

If there is an afterlife, save me a seat!
GetBornAgain GetBornAgain
18-21, M
Jan 20, 2013