Let Her Love You


If she was to write her feelings, On a blank piece of paper, Tear stained and smudged, Everything that scares her, Would you read it word for word? And take it all in, Will you know how much it meant? For her to let you in,   She only wants to take you, Into her arms, To listen to your pain, You hold so close inside, To release those memories, You bury and hide,   Just let her love you, Her heart is wide open, She’d offer it all, But she’s struggling on, Without you, Just let her love you, She never cries, Though those brown eyes, Have seen so much,   You can save each other, If you let her near,   Would you keep the crumpled envelope? She tried so hard to seal, The one with you name that reveals, All she easily conceals,   Now she stands on top of the bridge, With the wind breathing through her hair, Her dreams on a page, Her soul in a cage, She’ll try.. To fly.. Away,   Just let her love you, That’s all she wants to do, Be the reason for your smile, Because you deserve nothing less, Than happiness, In her eyes, Just let her be there, She lives for those moments, You share, She gives all she can, Because she cares,   The letter escapes her trembling fingers, And reaches his door, Her body briefly lingers, But she can’t take anymore,   So if you really love her, Don’t make her wait, Go and get your angel before its too late…
FromTheHeartOfaWoman FromTheHeartOfaWoman
22-25, F
Mar 23, 2009