Now U See Me

I wrote this song about a summer camp crush
Now you see me
Now you don't
Now you need me
Now you won't
WHY can't you fi------nd
What you ne-----ed.
Why can't you lo---ok
and you'll se------e
why can't you liste--n
'cuz you'll hea-----r
exactl----y where I a-m
exactl----y where I a-m
NOW i see you
now i don't
now i need you
now i won't
WHY can't i fi------nd
what i wa-----nt
why won't i lo---ok
'cuz i'll se------e
Why couldn't i list---en
and i could've hea---red
exactil---y where you are
exactil---y where you are
Now we're together
now we're not
now we love us
now we hate us yea--yea--
Why didn't we listen
When they Sai---d
It'll never wo--rk out
Betwee------n them
it se-----ems so long
since I-- la--st saw
since i-- la--st sa----w
IcyBabe12 IcyBabe12
13-15, F
Jun 5, 2011