It's Beginning To Rain...not Forsaken.

The desert places have left so many empty spaces, holes so deep and

rank, that I could smell my own self from the muddy puddles I often 

drank. Pride has taken it's toll, and did quench my soul, now I see clearly 

the lines across the universe so wide, which were once hidden until I  

was cast aside. Those lines drawn, due to my lack of genuine concern, 

inner eye now open because I have been reborn. I smell something else 

now, inner eye now open, my heart was broken out of pure love. I was 

cast down but not forsaken, just needed some time for my dead soul 

and mind to be awakened... 
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1 Response Dec 4, 2012

Muddy puddles we did drink, now I smell and I am stink
Into the desert I find my place, because amongst others
I am just wasting space.

They taste those muddy puddles with such glee, but for us we must be free. My sweet Jade xoxoxoxo I love ya with all of me.