Can You Write Your Own Obit,what Would It Look Like If It Was Totally Honest...

She had a rough life,despised her father for beating and molesting her and resented her mother for allowing it.She had an estranged relationship with her two sisters who thought she should just "get over it already"  No relationship for the last forty years with an older brother who molested her as well and almost celebrated when he had a heart attack thirty five years before she died.
Bjoys was not beautiful, nor was she loved or respected by many, She had huge trust issues and some days actually hated the human race.Bjoys flitted from job to job never settling down and never truly happy. She did however work with foster children with challenging behaviours for over eighteen years and perhaps many of them will remember her and her contribution to their lives. If she could come back for a minute and see the story of her life all in one flash in front of her we know she would say, " What a sad waste, It could have been so different,yet with a smile she will say " It will be better next time".
bjoys2004 bjoys2004
46-50, F
Jul 19, 2010