The Senior Poem.

        Senior year is finally here,
        There is now nothing to fear.
        This is the last year of school,
        And I think that is very cool.
        The year has only just begun,
        But will go by slowly like the rising sun.
        Senior year will be the best year ever,
        And we’ll have friends and memories that we’ll
        The days will go by quickly when you’re having fun,
        And you can’t believe that you’re almost done.
        We will wonder where the years went,
        But all of us will just lament.
        The year has just flown by,
        And now we can finally let out a sigh.
        We will all be going our separate way,
        And now we can all finally say.
        Thanks to our family for sticking by our side,
        Teaching us things we have to abide.
        Now to all of our teachers,
        Thanks for being such wonderful leaders.
        To all of the friends of mine,
        Thanks for being so kind.
        The year has finally come to the end,
        And I’ll miss you dearly my friends.
        Our future looks bright,
        So you better not let your dreams out of your sight.
        We will now be going to college,
        So we can get some more knowledge.
        Good luck and congratulations to the class of 2011,
        We now are blasting off to heaven.
Stormy240 Stormy240
22-25, F
Nov 25, 2010