I Love Lianagirl

This girl is kind, considerate, so very completely agreeable,
That any who meet her will fall for her charms is so foreseeable

The words she speaks, positive, complimentary, always well chosen
So delightful, it makes we wonder… she’s from heaven I’m suppos’n

What can I really say about her, oh, she’s so adorable,
Her body so fine, so soft, so utterly exportable

Her face, beautiful, drawing me to her, beckoning and beckoning,
The sound of her beauty, so loud, almost is deafening

Her smile, just precious, just captivating,
Bringing my smile, so motivating

Her movements, sinuous, undulating, oh, enchanting
Move me to get and ask her, Let’s go square dancing

Her humor, so sharp and engaging,
Some of her stories really hair-raising

Whatever the time, whatever the day, to be with her is so enticing,
No matter if there’s a charge just to be in her prescience, whatever the admission pricing

How can I say it? Like she stepped of the silver screen, so glamorous,
Just glancing at her sexy figure makes me feel so amorous

No doubt about it, so sweet, a real good looker,
Almost as if she were created by a pastry cooker

Her personality so genuine, absolutely magnetic
The shape of her face, on down to her toes, so aesthetic

Her friendship, so appealing, oh, she is so very pleasant,
To offer that to someone would make a good wedding present

Her total package so prepossessing,
That’s why with her I’m so obsessing

There is also a side of her that is definitely seductive,
That’s when your libido instincts become so eruptive

I noticed that one talent she has is what we call teasing,
But that just makes me want her body to be a squeezing

So, look out, you know to me she’s so tempting
And, her claims on me, my heart she’s not exempting

I say if you’re with her you’ll always be winning,
And, it’s so, even from the very beginning

Darn, she is just so very appealing,
My feeling for her, I know I’m revealing

Since she is so comely and so very bewitching,
My love for another I’ll soon be unhitching

What can I say about a lady so divine?
I could spend my days, lying with her, supine

To be with her is so very enticing
Because, my life she would just add the spicing

Her ability to make friends is exquisite
Being a good person the only requisite,

Her demeanor, I’m telling you, is so refined,
In the Hall of Heroines, she’ll soon be enshrined

I’m telling you true, she is decidedly stunning,
I realized that one-day, thinking when I was out running

I’m trying to define her in one word. Let me think I don’t want to circumvent
I know. I have it…simply magnificent!

Well, I see it’s time I went, did the dishes,
When she wakes up, I hope she rewards me with some of her kisses.

SweetSexyRee SweetSexyRee
18-21, F
3 Responses Aug 16, 2011

what a precious piece..and directed to such an adorable lady...

Ree so talented a person you are i am left equally speachless...well done Ree..well done !!!

i am left speachless and stunned......i really cannot respond....there are no words i can think of<br />
good enough to express how you made me feel....i can only offer my thanks (so trevial) and my<br />
graditude for whatever is worth....i am left speachless and stunned.....................

well my Liana my baby....it seems you have inspired so much love....
but then again...why i am not surprized?