A Forest Of Dreams

As the Water rushes, it fades away
the careless beating of my fragile heart.

The birds sing as if there Is no greater joy
than to be Free and Fly in the Air.

I hear the Trees song as the Wind Is
rushing through it,

I walk as if there Is no end, as if I could
Run into the abyss of Time, and just stay there,
Forever, without a worry in the world.

But it stops, and as I Awake from my Restless
Slumber, that if only I could stay there
for an eternity, that would be my greatest Surprise,

To stay where the Water rolls peacefully,
the Wind wrestles through the Trees
as they sing a song that makes
My Forest,
My Forest
Grow Fonder
turtle42 turtle42
18-21, F
Mar 19, 2012