a whisper of memory...


I see nothing here
just a long lost dream from the past.
An old  memory lingers but
 means nothing anymore.

This was once a warm place,
Now you've gone... it cold, bare and non-existent.
 it's empty, nothing to be found anywhere.
no friends, no-one to be of company.

I am afraid....   i am afraid of...
the  whisper of memories that remain,
drowning anyone who gets too close....


I wrote this while ago..

HAL9001 HAL9001
36-40, M
7 Responses Feb 22, 2009

Nice, i like.. *thumbs up*

hi tendereyesproncess... thank you... you made me smile Hugs*

hi.. flourlady... thank you Hugs* ^_^

oh hal these words are amazing thanks buddy!

Hi Sleepless. Thank you... i will write more... Hugs* <br />
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Hi Angel. Thank you... i love your words.. Hugs*<br />
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Loanna.. i like your new avatar it is pretty.. Thanks Hugs*

I love it hal..u write so good,i admire that*

You are very talented Hal. you know very well how to put your feelings on the words. I can feel your feelings easy whic is coming from deep in your heart. I love your lyrics. i wish i can listen your songs someday :) Hugs*