Today And Everyday ---with Words Of Wisdom To The Spiritually Wise. Part 2

What are you’re thoughts as each day begins? Work, bills, family, circumstances, health and all of life’s hustles mixed with all of life’s difficulties in wondering which way to go and what to do? Yesterday was here and now it is gone, and what has passed will always be because it cannot be changed. But while today is still here you can direct your tomorrows because what if all that I have been sharing is very true; and tomorrow comes with the start of martial law, police state, fema prisons and death camps being filled, coffins being filled, a national financial collapse that makes all that you have as worthless, terrorism taking many lives, US military becoming the enemy against citizens, the new world order, food shortages and a very cold winter coming with uncountable that will have no funds for heat; and with what I have just told you pestilence will come and spread deaths in the millions while crime is totally out of control because when all guns have been confiscated only the enemy will have them. And the enemies are not only the corrupt government, but the criminals, street gangs and all who kept their weapons. Right now what’s going on all throughout America goes un- reported because the media has always been controlled just like the government; and just going way into the depths of the realities of this world and what is truly taking place which is now the beginning of the end of humanity as all have know it will come when God’s small flock has been gathered in groups of those who just are not of this world because they all have chosen being totally submissive to only God.

When a man has been chosen by God it’s just something that only they know in faith from their whole history of life into the current moments that pass by because God and His words of truth are his only heartbeat and blood-flow that he live for because he only sees things to come and not the things of this world that’s going to be the greatest times of trouble that have ever been.

Words of wisdom

The only wisdom that we can have is the wisdom and knowledge with understanding that God gives to us. The time is growing very close when all that you have in business and finances will become as nothing. Do a bit of research on the great depression or crash of October 1929, and then multiply the hardships by the thousands and you will catch a glimpse of what’s coming.

If you want false hopes, just listen to stockbrokers, financial advisors, media, news, government, false preachers or anyone in this world on any subject; and you will receive anything but truth.

God took me from the USA at the end of November 2006 and put me on a plane with a one way ticket to the Philippines with no pension, social security, savings or income of any kind for the start of what has been over 31/2 years of education directly from Him that has taught me well about people, reality, this world, faith, religious deception and just how to live on faith no matter what the circumstance may be with much of all the preparation for what’s soon going to strike all of humanity.

There are over 7000 islands spread around the Philippines, and in faith I want a group of God’s small flock that can see this world darkness closing in with no where to go while knowing that God has a purpose for all those who become totally dependant on only Him while putting no confidence in man.

My greatest heartache reaches out to the uncountable children that are going to suffer for the ways of this world that they had no part of, and God has made away for me and my wife to become a part of helping as many people and children that He has mercy on by what’s within their hearts.

You all need to make a major decision based on faith that will cause you to just take what you need and make you’re exit from America while knowing that you are making a 100% change in you’re life in every way with the whole purpose of growing very close to God through obedience to His words that are commanded.

These past 44 months have been some of the hardest in my life with hunger, sickness, cruelty from so many who say how much they love our Lord along with just too many circumstances to even list---yet they have been the greatest years of my life because God has become my only greatest priority in life through a very strong and unwavering faith that God has made for me by putting me and my wife through one hardship after another day after day which He is still doing, but we understand why because in the coming world chaos and great tribulation there will be no one to help nor any even available other than what God can give; and He gives only to those who have given to others with their hearts just as my wife and I with nothing always give from the little here and there that God blesses us with, and for us to give to others is our joy.

I will continue to write more about the way of life that God has given me that is just nothing like my 52 years of prior life in the USA.

To procrastinate can close your option. Read Proverbs 1:22-33----and know that God is speaking to you.

timesoftrouble timesoftrouble
61-65, M
Aug 5, 2010