Be Yourself

...everyone else is already taken." Oscar Wilde

It is a high challenge only a precious few have afforded me. The people who have touched my heart the most have been encouragers of self. I find it difficult, and others often think it disingenuous when I mention that; but I grew up in a family that encouraged interdependence and unhealthy enmeshment to the point of loss of individuality.

The people who have come along and suggested I should be myself, have no idea how much it has meant to me. Even today as I was in no mood to placate anyone else. I could feel the pull of years being taught people pleasing behavior pulling me to be the other, not myself. Today I did not go there. I was me. I wan't always sweet and kind but I was real. I wasn't out to offend, but I didn't guild the lily or sugar the pot for anyone. I was honest and genuine.

I spent the day being me and ended it talking to an old friend on a phone plugged into a wall. We laughed until we almost cried talking about the past few weeks of our lives, catching up on details we had been keeping to our selves as we once did daily in another lifetime. We traded tales of the pitfalls of being ourselves, as others were being themselves, and our conversation ended in this sentence:

"If you wake tomorrow at the crack of careful not to slip and fall in the poo."

True friends are precious few. When you find one don't let them go with out a joke and a smile.

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1 Response Nov 27, 2012

Ur blog just touched my heart...I get scoldings every time about my honesty.It really hurts when the pressure becomes more.There are certain people who just taunt me unnecessarily...i dont do any thing.I dont know what they are going to get out of it.I keep a distance from them..But my parents tell me to change myself and be like them.They say that i cant live in this world and no one can be happy with me!!!!(This actually breaks me down completely)...I just tell them..."I f you think i am wrong then tell me to change and if i am not...pls dont"...Ur wordings just made me feel better.Thanks a tonn....and yes i am blessed to have friends who support me and keep telling me that I am a beautiful human being and i shouldn't change.

I am glad you it helped you. It is true, you were created to be who you are. Only you can do it. If you don't, something will be lost to the world.

Hmnn...Thank you so much.I am gonna go through this beautiful message you conveyed when ever i feel low....I am sure this message is so magical..that it will just boost me up!!