Safe deep inside she stirs

somehow knowing the space has gotten too small

She works away at the encasement which

used to provide safety but now threatens to suffocate her.

She breaks off pieces that she wonders

if she should be trying to save,

She savors each new movement

she is able to make

while struggling to free herself of a place

that had been home,

The light shines in, promising freedom and

overwhelming sensations all at once.

Still she presses on

determined to venture forth

from her familiar place.

As she climbs out onto the ruins

that used to be her stronghold

She pauses for a moment,

to reflect, to honor...

And then, she stretches out her wings

and flies away

jenvice jenvice
46-50, F
3 Responses Dec 5, 2012

once again, you amaze me with your words. beautiful writing

Thank you

Very beautifully written.....The way you explained the meaning of "Life" with a simple and natural really touched!! :)

I like it! Change is difficult.. scary even.. But necessary for growth as a person.. This is what I take from this... In a nutshell. Great job!