Just An Invisible Line

I was reading an old post by Jimmyrudyjump, a confession really, about Time and it got me to thinking about time. I have serious issues with time both as a definer of schedule and as a hard reality in the movement of life. I have found time isnt just the movement of the hands on an old clock or the earth circling the sun. I have learned time can become fluid if you learn to live in the moment and time can bring back gifts as it flows through as well.   

All this thinking about time made me think of this old song. Time after time...

Listening to the song again moved me to a whole different thought about time and what we can do with time. I know some people can step out of time and bring gifts unexpected - yet very timely. And I am posting this story in honor of one of the people in my life who has somehow conquered time and space in my life to always be there even when he was gone.
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1 Response Dec 14, 2012

Often wistful thoughts of others become action in present 'time', passing into our journey at the right 'time'.