Stairway To Life

(The picture that I used to write this story from was a staircase leading up into the sky, above a beautiful blue ocean.)

I was in a mood of total sadness, thinking about all of those people whom I had loved, who were now no longer here on earth with me. Those who had a special place in my heart and in my life. I kept thinking, "Why? Why were they taken too soon? Why was I left to live the rest of my life without them?" Those questions kept eating at my heart.

I wiped the tears from my face, grabbed an apple and headed for the beach. Looking at the water, the sandy beach and the blue sky always seem to comfort my spirit. It was no different on this day. I felt a peace come over me as I looked up at the clouded sky. I closed my eyes for a moment to take in the smell of the ocean and feel the slight breeze flutter through my hair. After a while, I made my way back up to the main land and turned to get one last look at the ocean.

I was so surprised when a staircase developed before my eyes leading up into the sky. At first, I thought it was an illusion and kept rubbing my eyes to clear my vision. But if it was an illusion, it did not go away even after all of the rubbing to my eyes. I stared at it. It was so beautiful and I wondered where it would take me.

A voice within my mind said, "Here is your chance to visit with all of those who you have loved. It is your chance to see them and hug them once again." With those words ringing within my thoughts, I began walking up the stairs. The further I got up them, the more beautiful everything became. It was peaceful and I felt so much love all around me.

I can't tell what I saw or experienced that day. I was sworn to secrecy. But, I can say... all those who I loved are in a wonderful place filled with love, laughter and a life that is perfect in every way.

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Dec 8, 2012