Hiding From The World Behind My Headphones:

Headphones in my ears drowning out the day,
I dont know what to do, take me away.

This place is a misfortune
why the hell am i here?
But my thoughts shift away, start to disapear.

Hiding behind my headphones, unspoken words come clear,
As the lyrics of the songs express exactly how i feel.

Situations are critical, am i all alone in here?
drowning out the world, im in my own world now, i shut the door and face my unspoken fear.

The lyrics have a direct hot line to the burning, unbearable, heart wrenching pain,
The sobs turns to Hyperventilating, Hyperventilating to clutching your stomach with chocking words! I don's care if im insane!!

Hiding behind my headphones let the music take me away,
You can't take away my headphones,
no, not today.

JacklynnGrey JacklynnGrey
13-15, F
Dec 13, 2012