Divine Oblivion

I sit here , thinking of all the times I have sat in the same seat
Listening to the same deafening silence
Hearing the echo of my thoughts bounced back to me

Of course the seat styles have changed , some were bigger some smaller
The location of the seats have changed also .. some nearer some farther

The silence has changed as well... the silence of a mind on its own surrounded by noise
Is so different when there is no one there to distract you ,
This kind of silence is deeper and darker... its filled with shadows within shadows
reaching out clawed fingers , snatching at you to pull you in .. swallow you whole

Ohh the echoes ... those are always different ..
Things that should have been , things that could have been
Mistakes made that have etched thier marks on you changing you forever

I sit here scared to move , scared to blink
If I dont move , dont think to deeply , It wont see me
Stay floating , dont  sink too deep , It wont ****** me

I will stay in tact , no thinking of what I should be doing
No changes , no defeat , no sadness , no heartbreak

So I sit here , thinking of all the times I have sat in the same seat
Listening to the silence and echoes
Only existing , like a faded rose petal , beautifully preserved
Beautifully numb .

softkitti softkitti
22-25, F
2 Responses May 16, 2012

PHENOMENAL!!! Actually this seems to be my current situation. I have encountered an agonizing silence. I have new strength to combat it. However, it is profound.

why thank you deep I am glad you liked it =-)

Wow..Beautiful poem darling! I may have to read it one more time to figure out the entire meaning here!

read as many times as you like but be prepared to fall into a numbing bored sleep !!=-D kiku