A Story....

The nightmare continues watch the sleeping child,
A shadows movement her body restless eyes wild,
She wakes terrified shaking from a dreadful dream,
The silence of the night shattered by her scream,
A hideous Demon sitting high upon his throne,
People being slashed and beaten by an evil drone,
A place of fire she sees consuming her soul,
Prophecy fulfilled from a legend foretold,
An ancestors mark branded into her hand,
Betrothed to a beast that's half demon half man,
She remembers a time her people had power,
Their warriors strong not one would cower,
Now to protect her people from a gruesome fate,
she'll marry the demon enter the realm of hells gate,
Is it just a story a wise witches lore,
An unmerciful prediction that won't be ignored....

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1 Response Jul 20, 2010

hahahah taht was awesome babes.