More Sutras From The Sun Of Wisdom For Our Gis

"Form does not come and form does not go"

"The true nature of appearances is that
They've never been born.
If birth seems to happen, it's just clinging,
Nothing more.
The spinning wheel of existence has neither
A base nor a root.
If there is a base or a root, that's only a

"Not from self, not from other,
Not from both, nor without cause:
Things do not arise
At any place, at any time."

"Whatever arises from conditions does not arise.
It does not have the nature of arising.
Whatever depends on conditions is explained to be empty,
And to know emptiness is the way to be conscientious."

"I prostrate to the one
Who teaches that whatever is dependently
Does not arise, does not cease,
Is permanent, is not extinct,
Does not come, does not go,
And is neither one thing nor different things.
I prostrate to the perfect Buddha, the supreme
Of all who speak,
Who completely dissolves all fabrications
And teaches peace."

"Nothing to abandon, nothing to attain,
Nothing extinct, nothing permanent,
No cessation, no arising-
This is how nirvana is taught to be"
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2 Responses Sep 11, 2012

We are pure in essence<br />
Such is why Buddha is so separate as a concept<br />
For we are pure<br />
To some Buddha is the source of what arises<br />
But to me<br />
Nothing can arise when God is Buddha<br />
<br />
It's like, are you chilling, or active, or Buddha?<br />
<br />
When you are Buddha you are like God is<br />
When only God to God to God is

Its easy, its about Buddha being God and only God and nothing else than that God space.<br />
<br />
There is nothing here<br />
It is empty<br />
It is purely Buddha<br />
Such is God<br />
It is wonderful how<br />
Nothing moves<br />
All is still<br />
Just right now<br />
And I can't judge<br />
So I won't<br />
Because I have slept<br />
A one Day Dream.