Poetry Doesn't Have To Rhyme

but songs usually do ... I've published 7 books of verse (+ a couple of novels) in Australia, but I've only ever written 2 poems that rhymed. Yes, they were both very successful performance pieces. ended doing them as talking blues.

but, to the point:

Ghazal to the beloved on the last night

In the dark a woman knits across the table,
Her needles click softly & tenderly.

The smell of roses are rich & sweet,
The pulsing blood of moving air.

The old pepper tree shudders & whispers,
The full moon spills silver into my hands.

Shadow, what do you know?
The sinistral mirror smiles along its crack.

The sparkling stars peck at the clouds,
An angel breathes down my back.

There is no one else in all there is
& our world is alone in its wick of light.

(This is from DECLINE AND FALL, ASM Publishers, Macao 2012.)

(the classical ghazal in Arabic uses a complex rhyme scheme, but most modern users of the form in English don't. but they do usually keep the structure of the 2 line verses...)
raedeejay raedeejay
66-70, M
Dec 13, 2012