To The Blue Jay ...

The blue jay watches the starfish

playing on the top

the bird tells the fish to stop

lest it fall off the edge of the world

the emotions balance in a swirl

while the rock walks by the pair

why not play together says the rock

my dearest is a sock

the rock sputters in the wind

I see no reason why you cant blend

it whispers to the blue jay

while he slides on the ray

of this  almost spring day

The rock says hello starfish

can't you grant the birds wish

and dance inside the dish

unless your sitting in a tish

the rock secretly wants a brush

to paint the bird a new color in a rush

but a rock and a bird  ha!

so the rock goes on its way

pleading happy and gay

the rock gathers itself in the oceans road

not really standing on the abode

and rejects the feather it rode

and watches the fish and the bird

and wonders if they will learn

the moment flys around the sun

so why not enjoy your fun

your  sunlight has just begun

yet the clouds watch them run

in different dreams

playing  others dreams

hiding the sand in the swollen sky

makes me wonder why

rainbows play with snails

and feathers land in pails

seems the heart has taken sail

under the sea

and paints its desparate plea

the next life beckons

so run with your lessons

little bird on the rail

have fun in your life

while you seek a what rhymes with life??

wishing you luck 

like a quacking duck

the voice plays in  the headlight

while it avoids sweeping night

dreams crisscross the ocean

like olives in the can

making a stew taste bland

like confusing sand

the rain carves the hand

of a knife of twisted dreams

ripping apart at the seam

looking for a happy theme

sending emotion through the liver

baking green men into a sliver

of pink bunnies random thoughts

connect the little black dots.

looks like this soul is lost......

MeltedFlowers MeltedFlowers
31-35, F
2 Responses Mar 1, 2010

YAY ty :-D

Well that is certainly a fun piece of poetry.