We Write And We Create A Beautiful Symphony Of Words.....

My souls cries out from a shattered heart,

Wounds so deep from being ripped apart,

You leave me all alone in here,

To slowly drown in my fear,

No merciful grace no sweet embrace,

Just an Ice cold look upon your face,

Its been raining for days down on me,

Screaming from darkness its all I see,

I lie in my grave as my soul just bleeds,

From the tomb that now engulfs me..........CD...


You are my Darkness with out Fade,

Our Hands slices with this Blade,

Our Blood Connects insane,

I will Be apart of you of Poison with out shame,

Now we control the Shadows and Red Rain of Fear,

Never to be afraid as the Demon Poring us from his Tears,

You Never alone inside our world of Trap,

Deep down as our soul Keeps Falling,

Grab My hand before Hell swallow Us,

Hold Deep and Tight with Our scars before the Blood Rust,

Until We Remember Our Flash Backs about the Blade,

Love of Our True Family,

As Our Hands hold on Tight,

We are Strong enough to Fight.


Walking at Night, The Full Moon is Bright,As I feel it until my Heart Races,I Ben Stabbed by the Breeze full of Chills, The cold thickest Fog Running though my spine and Deep into my Hills, I couldn't walk As I Freeze,  The Darkness of Pressure Twisting my Arms Until my Eyes Bleed, My whole Life have Ben Taking From Demons and Poltergeist, My Body is Wasted full of Black Ice, My Last Words of Breath, My last Message to the Death, Done for good to be nothing Left.........WOLF


I step from the shadows of my fear,

I watch death through the tears,

Is this all thats left for me,

decaying corps how could this be,

I fought the demons inside my mind,

A tortured soul thoughts confined ,

My body lays in a darkened grave,

no longer bound as once enslaved..........CD

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1 Response Mar 9, 2010

Absolutely beautiful you should be very proud of yourself. You definately have a talent fot writing poetry.