The Little Wave A Childrens Story

Once the North wind made love with the sea

and a tiny little wave soon came to be

Father Wind would guide him as he grew

His Mother was the sea he traveled through

and as they brought him closer to the shore

each day he would grow a little more

and safe within the arms of Mother Sea

He imagined just how big he'd grow to be

The handsome foam that formed upon his crest

was among his mothers gifts that he loved best

and the harder that his Father Wind would blow

the larger and the stronger he would grow

One day a fearsome sound came to his ear

an awful sound that filled his heart with fear

he feared something he couldn't understand

when he saw the other waves crash on the sand

He wept as he drew closer to the shore

for it seemed to him he soon would be no more

He cried and cried, "Alas! Oh woe is me."

with mortal fear of what was soon to be

When his Father and his Mother heard him cry

they told thier weeping wave,, "You will not die."

"There is a gift you must deliver to the sand

then simply return to our love where you began

You'll sleep a while with Mother Sea, and then

Father Wind will guide you once again

puck61 puck61
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9 Responses Jan 11, 2011

Very good visual images. Almost like riding that wave in its sincerity.

The true gift is in the writer and must be delivered throughout the land. A take from a line your poem but nevertheless true. Find a publisher for some of your writing as you have been very blessed with a wonderful talent. Original, sensitive and beautifully written. I would love a copy. Mail me and I'll give you an address.

I really loved this, Puck! It's as though you're on a journey as you're reading this! Good stuff! :)

Thank you so much lightRain!

Thank you Brut.

Yeah Puck. It felt like a spiritual experience reading it. This is shining with beauty and truth.<br />
*Brut stands and applauds Puck*<br />

Thank you all. This is another poem that I pulled out of the vault. I'm trying to get back into my writing.

That was beautiful. Brought tears to my eyes!

Absolutely loved this story!<br />
<br />
We too can grow and succeed with what we've been given by our parents. We may not be "the end all" and "the best" but we all bring with us something to the earth to leave behind in the sand before we go back again to where we've come from.