The Begger

this pavement is my home.
here was i born and here i die.
everyday a new painful day awaits for me,
every hour i live in uncertainity.

i ask for alms,
and old people,young and children do
fill my bowl with coins.
but also my bowl remains empty,
when no alms from,
old people,young and children.

not only i breath dust everyday,
but also i smell disease everyday
i see my death somewhere in the
excessive cold and heat everyday
when i sense my death is near,
i pray to GOD
"this time!!take my life away!!"

when my stomach growls in pain,
and no alms still,
facing the wrath of the scorching sun
i approach people wondering
will he give me alms?and he?
will He stop my hunger?

as night prevails
and the city views a deserted look,
i sleep looking at the stars
and wait for the flies to bite me
wait for the street dogs to bark
OH!!how would i know i am approaching pain
if i am not bitten?
how would i prepare myself
to control this pain....beforehand??

decades have passed in this very pavement,
many have moved to the temple
and few are still here,
i find new coins replacing old ones,
in my very bowl,
that still had the stain of my blood
when the police had used **lathis to discharge us ...once.

**lathis-sticks -Nilkanta
nilkanta nilkanta
18-21, M
2 Responses Aug 2, 2011

thanks for the comment so +ve daniel.i wouldn't say much on this u know why. i am more than glad that u liked my poem

nikata this is a wonderful story,you journey into the mind and world of a street begger and you wonderfully illustrate the thought and pain of a begger,nice poem,nice story