Red Rose

My, my. You ran off to hide behind that tree over there.
I watched you peep over, but never once did you see me.
I cried so hard that I found a river of tears; I rode in a boat of all my fears.
I seen myself from all the years of searching for the past we shared.
I lost the map you once gave me; never again have I found my way back to that place we once stood so much in love.

My, my. Maybe it's me sitting up in that lonely tree of guilt.
I seen you with all the wildflowers, but never sent you the red rose from my heart.
It died before my eyes, but the smell and beauty never did.

I tried to replace it, but all I could find was wildflowers....
here, there, for God sakes- they were everywhere.
The red rose was in my head, but how was I to find one with the beauty for my pillow laying next to me on my bed.

My, my. I thought I found a few, but to wake up and realize that my red rose wasn't anything like you. I held them tight, but ended up getting stuck by a throne of unhappiness. You as my red rose was a fresh clean cut of all my smiles, but ended up miles away into a wildflower bed.

My, my. Here you are standing next to me, but can you see me up here in my lonely tree.
Climb on up and hold me like you use to, but only if you are here to stay.
After all these years maybe the tears will be free from all the wildflowers that turned into weeds under this lonely tree.

My, my. Here we are standing up with untamed souls that don't want to be free- so please turn to me and let's give into the red rose we so much want to be.

My, my. Love is really in my life- so please my beautiful red rose- ask me to be your wife.
I would surely say yes and be the best wife I know to be- for all I ever wanted from you is a kiss from me to you.

Mammy Mammy
36-40, F
2 Responses Mar 18, 2008

Thanks... wrote this when I was 16 yrs old! 1st one published:)

I like it!