Why does it come to this? Cyberworld world open your gates to ever roaming through every home around the world. Are we all so scared of rejection that we feel as if this is the only way to be happy. We can hide in our own home and sit in front of this screen hoping that the one your chatting with is whom they say they are and thinking this just may be the one in your dreams, but just like in your hazy dreams- he has no face and you can't just look up and see his eyes or feel his touch. Is there really a such thing as "Happily Ever After" and if there is- where is he and why haven't I bumped into him yet?

Mammy Mammy
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Awww-that's true........maybe his eyes are blue!!!! Go out and meet him,greet him! He's may not be inside the computer or he may be a commuter. You'll have to find time to unwind and meet your true love and fly like a dove!

Looking for love on-line is something I about gave up on. Anytime I was interested, they weren't and vice a versa. (I'm referring to dating services). After being a member of a number of singles groups and getting nowhere I stopped wasting money and ended all my memberships. Writing on Experience Project is so much better. It's a relief, a place to share, my personal journal/blog and random thoughts and read others as well. I feel connected at least and since my friends have all moved and the very few that are left in this state are busy most of the time and I'm sick most of the time at least this is a place where I can come and express and know that at some points there are some people who will read what I write and I thoroughly enjoy reading other people's stories and commenting on them and offering my support. It's probably the same reason as someone here just expressed, fear of rejection. Here I don't need to worry about this. I'm not interacting with anyone in particular just broadcasting my thoughts and feelings and I'm more honest here than about anywhere except for a couple of dear people in my life. It's so much easier to just open up when one isn't in a conversation. It's like what I do when I'm talking to friend's answering machines, just free associate my thoughts and feelings, ideas or whatever. There is a tremendous freedom in doing this. No, it's not a 'real' relationship with all the bumps and bangs that come around and having to sort out meanings, oh vey! That takes work so this is a wonderful free place to come and just be me. I do love this site. velevetflow

I can relate, Ive had so many pretending to be like me or what I was looking for. But Im not really looking on here, just love to view my thoughts and opinions. Maybe come up with some answers to my many questions. Its a good place to hide,and not have to worry about the look of judgment from something I said or confessed to

Actually wrote this one cause my sister did this.<br />
Well now I'm just here looking for the outside world, but don't get me wrong... I got a great man and wonderful family. Funny thing is... he has always been by my side... well the past 14 yrs. Just sick of getting close to people as friends and they crap on you... not so bad when they crap without a real face!

maybe you have and just haven't notice him yet. maybe there is a guy out there who you know that desperately wants to be noticed by you but is too afraid to approach you or talk to you. as for me you hit the nail on the head i'm terrified of rejection so the internet is safer for me