I flash back and see
A memory...

Of a girl crying in a corner,
wishing they didn't scorn her.
Breaking down inside,
looking for a place to hide.

Of a girl always looking down,
averting shameful eyes from their frown.
She's all alone,
without a home...?

Of a girl filled with digrace,
comforted only by silences embrace.
Searching for a friend,
someone who'll be there until the end.

Of a girl taught not to trust,
her happiness left to rust.
Pain is all she knows,
hatred slowly grows.

Of a girl wandering around,
intent on every sound.
Wishing to run away,
from the things they always say.

Of a girl bruised and sore,
watching as she turns to a razor.
now she creates the scar,
her body now hers to mar.

Of a girl wishing for someone,
or the strength to run.
A girl finding a friend,
then having it end...

Of a girl filled with suicide,
wishing to get rid of the pain inside.
But she has made a promise,
somehow she has to do this.

I flash back and see
a memory...
of me.
and then i shrug and sigh...
A girl can only try.
britze321 britze321
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 15, 2012

sadley, this sounds like the cried from child abuse